FIVB Year Book 2012 - page 9

The Board of Administration also approved
using the Court for Arbitration for Sport
(CAS) as the FIVB’s ultimate dispute
resolution body.
Change to women’s beach volleyball
In a significant development meant to
open the game of beach volleyball to
more participants, the Board approved
the application of a modified women’s
uniform rule – already implemented
for the Continental Cup – to all beach
volleyball tournaments, including the
Olympic Games. In addition to a one-piece
bathing suit or bikini, female players can
wear shorts of a maximum length of 3cm
above the knee, with sleeved or sleeveless
tops, or a full body suit.
Changes to the key Rules
of the Game
The FIVB Board of Administration
approved a closer alignment of volleyball
and beach volleyball rules.
It also elaborated a new concept for
FIVB beach volleyball, which will require
the FIVB to reserve a week every month
for the development of continental and
national events, as well as promoting the
World Championships and 10 to 12 major
events. The FIVB will make a concerted
effort to encourage countries outside
Europe to stage large-scale international
events, increase the number of Open
events and redefine the overall FIVB event
The Board decided to support the
inclusion of beach volleyball at the Youth
Olympic Games in Nanjing, China, in place
of volleyball and to increase the number
of beach volleyball teams to 36 in both the
men’s and women’s competitions.
A new qualifying system for the 2016
Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro was
approved, under which the 12 Olympic
vacancies per gender are to be attributed
The Executive Committee received proposals from
each of the FIVB Commissions and made recommendations on them to the FIVB Board of Administration
as follows: one for the host country;
five from continental championships or
continental qualification tournaments;
two from the World Cup; and four
intercontinental qualification tournaments
of four teams for each.
To simplify the distribution of teams at the
FIVB Men’s World Olympic Qualification
Tournaments that took place in Japan,
Germany and Bulgaria in June 2012, the
FIVB Board of Administration approved a
Sports Events Council proposal to assign
places to the teams according to a world
ranking using the serpentine system for
rows three and four.
New format for FIVB Junior and Youth
World Championships
The FIVB Board of Administration
approved expanding the number of teams
participating in the FIVB volleyball Junior
and Youth World Championships from 16
to 20.
Election rules
The FIVB Board of Administration
approved the appointment of an Advisory
Election Committee chaired by Jizhong
Wei. The Committee included four of the
five Continental Confederation presidents,
in addition to FIVB Board member Dr.
Rafael Lloreda Currea (COL) who replaced
presidential candidate Dr. Ary S. Graça F°.
The agenda for the FIVB Congress and voting procedure for the
elections were approved by the FIVB Board of Administration during its pre-FIVB-Congress meeting in Anaheim
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