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The aim of the Development Fund is to assist with direct implementation of new development projects that are likely to improve the performance and situation of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball at the national level, allowing National Federations to develop and grow through close collaboration with their local stakeholders, governmental agencies and other collaborating organisations, private or governmental. Projects should demonstrate that they have adequate administrative capacity and are realistic, both in terms of implementation and by obtaining measurable results.

The FIVB Development Fund main objectives are:
  • To ensure that broad aim of the FIVB mission is met in terms of development actions, namely to raise the profile of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball promoting self driven actions towards future sustainability
  • To help developing National Federations in an efficient way to progress with their development projects and future goals
  • To allocate funds to projects that are likely to make impact and show real outcome for the sport and its structure at the national level
  • To ensure growth of youth players and youth teams
  • To improve appearance of Volleyball in schools and to promote Mass Volley events at both national and regional level
  • To support up and coming National Federations to develop competitive national teams through targeted projects, team building and talent identification programmes
  • To analyse and support joint projects in collaboration with governmental agencies as well as other relevant National Federation‘s stakeholders
You can submit your Development fund application and progress report online
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