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FIVB media, press and technical commissions highlight success of past two years

Professor Hiroshi Toyoda made his last presentation to the FIVB Congress after many years serving the FIVB
Anaheim, USA, September 21, 2012 – The presidents of the TV and new media, press, and technical commissions all presented reports to the World Congress in Anaheim, USA showing the remarkable contributions these media have made to the sport.

The reports focused on developments over the period from 2010 to 2012.

TV and new media commission president Peter Diamond talked about the extraordinary TV success that was the London Olympic Games. Volleyball was one of the most popular sports during that prestigious event. Diamond lauded the work done by OBS for the excellent coverage of the Games.

In order to keep encouraging further progress in the future, he said TV broadcasters will be evaluated for important improvements to future production and broadcasting matters relating to all FIVB properties.

Press commission president Hiroshi Takeuchi showed the tremendous growth and increased productivity of the FIVB Department work. He discussed key initiatives that have been introduced to better serve the sport.

“2011 saw the launch of the weekly online electronic newsletter to keep volleyball people regularly updated with FIVB news on a weekly basis,” Mr Takeuchi said.

He pointed out the importance of support coming from the confederation and national federation press officers, who must provide a regular supply of news to the FIVB website and regular publications.

Mr Takeuchi demonstrated the great progress made on the FIVB website, reflected in a significant increase in visitor traffic. Publications have also shown a lot of improvement through new-look designs aimed at increasing attraction to the sport. He enumerated the recommendations approved by the FIVB Board to further facilitate press operations.

Technical commission president Professor Hiroshi Toyoda described the work done to enhance the FIVB’s wide range of technical and teaching materials – both paper and electronic formats – that have achieved highly visible and tangible results. He highlighted improvements to teaching materials that have resulted in the publication of a new coaches’ manual now available in English, French and Spanish. He also discussed FIVB homologated Sports equipment and the growing number of capable manufacturers - especially for flooring.

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