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Amsterdam, Apeldoorn Join The Hague in Hosting Transavia Grand Slam Matches

American Olympic and world champion Kerri Walsh (right) does a television interview Tuesday with a Dutch television outlet

The Hague, The Netherlands, July 15, 2014 - With the 2014 Transavia Grand Slam being used as a “prelude” to the 2015 FIVB World Championships to be staged next summer in The Netherlands, the first two days of Main Draw pool play will be held at three sites - Scheveningen in The Hague, the Apeldoorn city court at Marktplein and the Amsterdam city court at Gustav Mahlerplein.

Of the 96 pool play matches to be played for both men and women Wednesday and Thursday, a total of 12 will be held in Apeldoorn (men’s group A and women’s group G) and 12 will be staged in Amsterdam (men’s group C and women’s group B).  The remaining 72 will be played on the four courts at Scheveningen featuring the 3,000-seat The Hague Beach Stadium.

Olympic medal winners and pairs from host The Netherlands will be playing in both Apeldoorn and Amsterdam where competition will feature six games each day at both sites.  Wednesday’s matches will start at 11:15 a.m. at Apeldoorn and 11:45 a.m. in Amsterdam.  The Scheveningen matches will begin at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The featured players at Apeldoorn will be American Phil Dalhausser, the Beijing 2008 Olympic gold medalist, and Dutch Olympian Reinder Nummerdor.  Dalhausser will be paired with Sean Rosenthal as the USA pair has won the last two FIVB World Tour events in Norway and Switzerland.  Nummerdor is playing with Steven van de Velde as the Dutch will challenge the top-seeded Dalhausser and Rosenthal at 5 p.m. Wednesday on the Amsterdam court.

Sanne Keizer and Sophie van Gestel will be the host country team in Amsterdam.  The Dutch’s opening pool play match Wednesday will be against second-seeded Kerri Walsh and April Ross of the United States.  Walsh is a three-time Olympic and three-time world champion.  Ross claimed the gold medal at the 2009 FIVB World Championships with Jen Kessy in Stavanger, Norway.  At the London 2012 Olympic Games, Walsh and Misty May-Treanor defeated Ross and Kessy for the gold medal.

After two days of pool play, the final three days of the competition at the US$1-million Transavia Grand Slam will be held at the Scheveningen courts where the medal matches will be played Sunday.  The final two teams in both gender’s competition with be competing for the gold medals and a share of the $70,000 first-place prize for each winning team.

Following this week’s event, the FIVB World Tour returns to the United States for the second-straight year as Long Beach in southern California hosts another $1-million event.  The international circuit returns to Europe in August for stops in Austria (Klagenfurt, July 29-August 3) and Poland (Stare Jablonki, August 19-24).

Match, Date, Time, Team A, Team B, Gender, Pool
4, 16-Jul, 11:45, Bawden-Clancy AUS [15], Bansley-Pavan CAN [18], women, b
3, 16-Jul, 13:00, Walsh-Ross USA [2], Keizer-van Gestel NED [31], women, b
5, 16-Jul, 15:45, Alison-Bruno BRA [3], Spijkers-van Dorsten NED [30], men, c
6, 16-Jul, 17:00, Kadziola-Szalankiewicz POL [14], Sidorenko-Dyachenko KAZ [19], men, c
19, 16-Jul, 18:45, Walsh-Ross USA [2], Bansley-Pavan CAN [18], women, b
20, 16-Jul, 20:00, Bawden-Clancy AUS [15], Keizer-van Gestel NED [31], women, b
Match, Date, Time, Team A, Team B, Gender, Pool
13, 16-Jul, 11:15, Agatha-Seixas BRA [7], Goricanec-Hüberli SUI [26], women, g
14, 16-Jul, 12:30, Ludwig-Sude GER [10], Moiseeva-Syrtseva RUS [23], women, g
2, 16-Jul, 15:45, Walkenhorst-Windscheif GER [16], Schalk-Saxton CAN [17], men, a
1, 16-Jul, 17:00, Rosenthal-Dalhausser USA [1], Nummerdor-van de Velde NED [32], men, a
29, 16-Jul, 19:00, Agatha-Seixas BRA [7], Moiseeva-Syrtseva RUS [23], women, g
30, 16-Jul, 20:15, Ludwig-Sude GER [10], Goricanec-Hüberli SUI [26], women, g

Match, Date, Time, Team A, Team B, Gender, Pool
22, 17-Jul, 10:00, Kadziola-Szalankiewicz POL [14], Spijkers-van Dorsten NED [30], men, c
21, 17-Jul, 11:15, Alison-Bruno BRA [3], Sidorenko-Dyachenko KAZ [19], men, c
35, 17-Jul, 12:30, Walsh-Ross USA [2], Bawden-Clancy AUS [15], women, b
36, 17-Jul, 13:45, Bansley-Pavan CAN [18], Keizer-van Gestel NED [31], women, b
38, 17-Jul, 17:00, Sidorenko-Dyachenko KAZ [19], Spijkers-van Dorsten NED [30], men, c
37, 17-Jul, 18:15, Alison-Bruno BRA [3], Kadziola-Szalankiewicz POL [14], men, c
Match, Date, Time, Team A, Team B, Gender, Pool
17, 17-Jul, 9:30, Rosenthal-Dalhausser USA [1], Schalk-Saxton CAN [17], men, a
18, 17-Jul, 10:45, Walkenhorst-Windscheif GER [16], Nummerdor-van de Velde NED [32], men, a
45, 17-Jul, 12:00, Agatha-Seixas BRA [7], Ludwig-Sude GER [10], women, g
46, 17-Jul, 13:15, Moiseeva-Syrtseva RUS [23], Goricanec-Hüberli SUI [26], women, g
33, 17-Jul, 16:30, Rosenthal-Dalhausser USA [1], Walkenhorst-Windscheif GER [16], men, a
34, 17-Jul, 17:45, Schalk-Saxton CAN [17], Nummerdor-van de Velde NED [32], men, a

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