Sweden presents “Umeå City Beach”


The Umeå City Beach will bring Beach Volleyball to the Rådhustorget in the heart of downtown Umeå for a double-gender exhibition pitching teams from Sweden against neighbouring Norway.


Umeå is one of Sweden’s fastest-growing cities and has a young population (average age 36) that makes it a perfect location for the young and dynamic sport of Beach Volleyball. The city is also home to the women’s pair Sara Uddstahl and Karin Lundquist, as well as Björn Berg.


Sweden’s first FIVB-recognised international Beach Volleyball event will involve the women’s home team of Sara Uddstahl and Karin Lundquist, who will face neighbours Nila Hakedal and Ingrid Torlen. Two Swedish men’s teams, Björn Berg/Robert Svensson and Simon Dahl/Stefan Gunnarsson will face Iver Horrem and Bard-Inge Pettersen of Norway.