Lausanne Hosts Ninth FIVB Satellite Stop


Lausanne has been the host to a FIVB Satellite stop the past eight seasons, including the last two years where both men’s and women’s competition has been featured.  Switzerland’s Stefan Kobel, who teamed with Patrick Heuscher to capture the bronze medal at the Athens 2004 Games, has claimed four Lausanne gold medals with two different partners.  Kobel won the 1999 event with Martin Walser followed by gold medal finishes in 2000, 2003 and 2005 with Heuscher.  The Swiss Olympians have also claimed silver (2001) and bronze (2002) medals in Lausanne.  Brazilians have won three of the Lausanne stops (1998, 2001 and 2004) with Mariano Baracetti and Martin Conde, the 2001 SWATCH-FIVB World Champions, capturing the 2002 title.  Women’s competition was introduced in 2004 with teams from the Netherlands and Switzerland winning the titles.  Lausanne is a city in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and facing Évian-les-Bains (France).  Lausanne is located 60 km northeast of Geneva.  It is the capital of the canton of Vaud and of the district of Lausanne.  In addition to being the headquarters for the FIVB, Lausanne also is the home of the International Olympic Committee.  It lies in the middle of a wine-growing region.


Year - Lausanne women's gold medal, Lausanne silver medal, Lausanne bronze medal

2004 - Merel Mooren/Sanne Keizer, Netherlands / Cecilie Josefsen/Kristine Wiig, Norway / Sara Montagnolli/Sabine Swoboda, Austria

2005 - Simone Kuhn/Lea Schwer, Switzerland / Mireya Kaup/Geeske Banck, Germany / Sara Goller/Laura Ludwig, Germany


Year - Lausanne men's gold medal, Lausanne silver medal, Lausanne bronze medal

1998 - Jan Ferreira/Fred Souza, Brazil / Dennys Paredes/Luizao Correa, Brazil / Greg Ryan/Morgan Chapman, United States

1999 - Stefan Kobel/Martin Walser, Switzerland / Bernhard Vesti/Markus Egger, United States / Albert Hannemann/Nick Hannemann, American Samoa

2000 - Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland / Egger/Sascha Heyer, Switzerland / Martin Tschudi/Marcel Gscheidle, Switzerland

2001 - Murilo Toscano/Klepper Feitosa, Brazil / Kobel/Heuscher, Switzerland / Egger/Heyer, Switzerland

2002 - Mariano Baracetti/ Martin Conde, Argentina / Marcel Gscheidle/Vesti, Switzerland / Kobel/Heuscher, Switzerland

2003 - Kobel/Heuscher, Switzerland / Fabio Galli/Riccardo Fenili, Italy / Egger/Heyer, Switzerland

2004 - Fred Souza/Pedro Cunha, Brazil / David Wenger/Philip Gabathuler, Switzerland / Pedro Brazao/Marcello Duarte, Brazil

2005 - Kobel/Heuscher, Switzerland / Gscheidle/Jan Schnider, Switzerland / Paulo Emilio Silva/Moises Santos, Brazil