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Men's Swiss Open 2001  
Gstaad, 20 - 24 June
Cow bells and chalet lifestyle suites Americans Wong/Metzger

Nestled in the magnificent and ritzy Swiss chalet-village of Gstaad, inhabitants of approximately 3,500, with as many cows, and a stadium with views of the Swiss Alps on all-four sides, the second World Tour of the year got underway.

The American duo of Kevin Wong and Stein Metzger defeated  the top Swiss pairing Paul and Martin Laciga 2:0 (21:17,  22:20) in this first, and surely not last, men's World Tour in Switzerland.

Standing on the winner's podium, the Americans won the hearts of the 4,000 spectators with storms of applause when they expressed their conviction: "we love Switzerland, we love Gstaad, the cows, the beautiful setting, and we love you all".

The Laciga brothers were looking for a home ground victory, and thought it could be theirs after defeating Brazilians Ricardo-Loiola in the semifinal. With resounding cries of "La-Ola" and "Hopp Schwiz" and much stamping of feet the public gave as much as their best to the two Swiss "Beachboys", and this outstanding public display of support was all that it needed to push the two Lacigas to victory and a place in the Final.

In the match for 3rd place the two newly formed Brazilian teams Emanuel-Tande and Ricardo-Loiola were face-to-face. The winners from Teneriffe, Emanuel-Tande managed to impose their victory with the score of 2:0 sets

As is now traditional in this alpine region of Switzerland, the three top place teams each receive traditional and native cow bells to take home with them.