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  Lausanne  2008  Satellite
11.07.2008 -  13.07.2008

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Lausanne to host FIVB Men's Satellite stop for 11th straight year


July 10-13, 2008



Lausanne has been host to an FIVB Beach Volleyball Satellite event the past 10 seasons and will make it 11 years in a row in 2008 with the Men's tournament scheduled for July 10-13.


Sixteen teams will compete for Prize Money totalling US$15,000 in the city that is home to FIVB headquarters.


The tournament also will include a Women's exhibition event on July 12.


Brazil and Switzerland have dominated this event. Brazilian teams have won five gold medals in Lausanne and Swiss teams four, with only Argentina's Mariano Baracetti and Martin Conde breaking up this dominance with a 2002 title.


In 2007, Brazil's Joao Maciel and Bruno Oscar Schmidt claimed gold, with compatriots Fabio Guerra and Roberto Lopes taking silver and Switzerland's Michael Bleiker and Michel Kertai winning bronze.


The event also featured Women's competitions in 2004 and 2005, the Netherlands' Sanne Keizer and Merel Mooren winning in 2004 and Switzerland's Simone Kuhn and Lea Schwer winning in 2005.


Lausanne, a French-speaking part of Switzerland, is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva facing Evian-les-Bains, France. Lausanne, located 60 km northeast of Geneva, is also the home of the International Olympic Committee.

The waterfront at Ouchy in Lausanne



Brazil's Bruno controls the Mikasa in 2007

Switzerland Roll of Honour: Gold medal (1), Silver medal (2), Bronze medal (3)


Jona 1998 1. Peter Chromy/Igor Stejskal, Czech Republic; 2. Morgan Chapman/Greg Ryan, USA; 3. Willie De Jesus/Amaury Velasco, Puerto Rico.

Lausanne 1998 1. Jan Ferreira/Fred Souza, Brazil; 2. Dennys Paredes/Luizao Correa, Brazil; 3. Greg Ryan/Morgan Chapman, United States.

Jona 1999 1. Christian Bigler/Marcel Gscheidle, Switzerland; 2. Kjell Goranson/Iver Horrem, Norway; 3. Sascha Heyer, Martin Tschudi, Switzerland.

Lausanne 1999 1. Stefan Kobel/Martin Walser, Switzerland; 2. Bernhard Vesti/Markus Egger, Switzerland; 3. Albert Hannemann/Nick Hannemann, American Samoa.

Lausanne 2000 1. Stefan Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland; 2. Markus Egger/Sascha Heyer, Switzerland; 3. Martin Tschudi/Marcel Gscheidle, Switzerland.

Pfaeffikan 2000 1. Markus Egger/Sascha Heyer, Switzerland; 2. Patrick Heuscher/Stefan Kobel, Switzerland; 3. Brandan Taliaferro/Larry Witt, USA.

Lausanne 2001 1. Murilo Toscano/Klepper Feitosa, Brazil; 2. Stefan Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland; 3. Markus Egger/Sascha Heyer, Switzerland.

Lausanne 2002 1. Mariano Baracetti/ Martin Conde, Argentina; 2. Marcel Gscheidle/Bernhard Vesti, Switzerland; 3. Stefan Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland.

Lausanne 2003 1. Stefan Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland; 2. Fabio Galli/Riccardo Fenili, Italy; 3. Markus Egger/Sascha Heyer, Switzerland.

Lausanne 2004 1. Fred Souza/Pedro Cunha, Brazil; 2. David Wenger/Philip Gabathuler, Switzerland; 3. Pedro Brazao/Marcello Duarte, Brazil.

Lausanne 2005 1. Stefan Kobel/Patrick Heuscher, Switzerland; 2. Marcel Gscheidle/Jan Schnider, Switzerland; 3. Paulo Emilio Silva/Moises Santos, Brazil.

Lausanne 2006 1. Lula Barbosa/Adriano Garrido, Brazil; 2. Jason Kruger/Wes Montgomery, Canada; 3. Josh Binstock/Christian Redmann, Canada.

Lausanne 2007 1. Joao Maciel/Bruno Oscar Schmidt, Brazil; 2. Fabio Guerra/Roberto Lopes, Brazil; 3. Michael Bleiker/Michel Kertai, Switzerland.


Medals: Switzerland (19), Brazil (9), USA (3), Canada (2), American Samoa (1), Argentina (1), Czech Republic (1), Italy (1), Norway (1), Puerto Rico (1).