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  Brno  2007  Challenger
29.06.2007 -  01.07.2007

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 2007 Men Challenger in Brno



Brno 2007 Men’s Challenger

28.06.2007 - 01.07.2007




2007 Men Challenger in Brno, Czech Republic


This year, for the second time in the history of the Czech beach volleyball, Brno will host an International beach volleyball event Challenger.

In 2006 it was the Brazilian team Rodrigo Monteiro – Hevaldo Moreira who won the dramatic final against the Swedish Simon Dahl – Stefan Gunnarsson.


The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in the heart of Europe. Its neighbouring states are Germany (to the west), Poland (to the north), Slovakia (to the east, which together with the Czech Republic constituted Czechoslovakia until 1992) and Austria (to the south).









Brno is the Czech Republic's second largest city.  At the same time, it represents the centre of the region of Moravia, one of the historic lands of the Czech Crown. It is situated at the crossroads of ancient trade routes which have joined the North and the South European civilizations for centuries.  Brno is situated in a picturesque countryside, surrounded on three sides by wooded hills and opening to the Southern Moravian lowlands to the south of the city. 






Geographically, Brno is a part of the Danube Basin and has many historical ties to the Austrian capital of Vienna, which is 110 km (68 miles) to the south.  Thanks to its location between the Bohemian-Moravian Hills and the Southern Moravian lowlands, Brno enjoys a very pleasant, moderate climate, ideal for recreation and everyday living. 


The Beach Club Brno - KACATA is very active in the area and can be proud of the surname "a Mecca of the Czech beach volleyball“.