Men's Satellite Event 2004

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Promoter & National Federation
  Tournoi international de beach volley
Contact person: Mrs. Anne-Claude Faillétaz
Ch. des Grandes-Roches 10          
Case postale 245  
CH - 1018 Lausanne 18

(Tel) 0041-21-315.14.13
(Fax) 0041-21-315.14.19

Swiss Volleyball Federation
Contact person: Mr. Roger Schnegg
Schwarztorstrasse 136                     
Postfach 318   
CH – 3000 Bern    

(Tel) 0041-31-387 37 57
(Fax) 0041-31-387 37 58

Event Office Venue

Anne-Claude Faillétaz
Service des
Ch. des Grandes-Roches 10           1018 Lausanne

(Tel) 0041-21-315.14.13
(Fax) 0041-21-315.14.19


Stade Pierre-de-Coubertin               
Av. Pierre-de-Coubertin                     
1007 Lausanne   

(Tel) 0041-21-315 49 24
(Fax) 0041-21-315 49 26


 Hotel Prize Money & World Ranking

Motel des Pierrettes
Rte Cantonale 19                     
1025 St-Sulpice  
(Tel) 0041-21-691.25.25
(Fax) 0041-21-691.25.30

Bois-de-Vaux 36                                 
1007Lausanne                                   (Tel) 0041-21-626.02.22
(Fax) 0041-21-626.02.26                          

Camping de Vidy-Lausanne
Ch. du Camping 3                             
1007 Lausanne                                 
(Tel) 0041-21-624.20.31
(Fax) 0041-21-624.41.60

Players are responsible for all their expenses for hotel accommodations, food and miscellaneous expenses.

All players are personally responsible for all and any extras at the hotel such as minibar, phone calls, laundry, etc that must be paid at checkout.


US$ 15,000.-: Prize money to be paid by the organiser to main draw teams as per the following breakdown & upon conclusion of the event:

Rank                              Total/team                                                      1st                                      2,500                                                      2nd                                     2,000                                                      3rd                                      1,700                                                      4th                                      1,300                                                      2 x 5th                                 1000             
2 x 7th                                   750                                                      4 x 9th                                   550                                                      4 x 13th                                 450

Rank                         Individual points
1st                                     15                                                
2nd                                    13                                                    
3rd                                     12                                                        
4th                                     10                                                      
2 x 5th                                 9                                                          
2 x 7th                                 7                                                         
4 x 9th                                 6                                                   
4 x 13th                               4               

Competition Schedule & Format

Qualification Tournament: August 5th                                                 

Main Draw & Finals:        August 6th to August 8th
                                   Semi-Finals : August 8th, 11:30 a.m.

                                   Final 3rd-4th : August 8th, 3.30 p.m.

                                   Final : 5:00 p.m.

Country quota playoff: to determine the teams advancing to the qualification tournament.
Qualification Tournament: single elimination to qualify 4 teams
Main Draw: pool play of 16 teams and double elimination

Preliminary Inquiry and Technical Meetings

Wed 4th                  Arrival of Qualification Tournament teams

                         17:00 Preliminary Inquiry – 18:00 Technical Meeting at Pierre-de-

                         Coubertin Stadium, Vidy – Main beach volleyball court for
      Qualification Tournament teams (mandatory attendance)

Thu 5th                   Qualification Tournament

                         19:00 Preliminary Inquiry – 20:00 Technical Meeting at Pierre-de-

                         Coubertin Stadium, Vidy – Main beach volleyball court for
      Main Draw teams (mandatory attendance)

Fri 6th                 Main Draw

Sat 7th                Main Draw

Sun 8th               11:30 Semi-finals

                         14:00 Exhibition game

                         15:30 and 17:00 Finals

Training courts available starting from August 1st, 2004 at the University:
Total # of competition courts: 4
Total # of warm-up courts: 1

Players must attend the Preliminary Inquiry and present their uniforms and official forms (players' commitment, health certificate, Prize Money) during such inquiry.

Players must attend the Technical Meeting. Draws will be made during the meeting; seeding and detailed information on the competition will be distributed to players during the meeting.

Uniforms will be checked during the Preliminary Inquiry. Players of the same team must wear the same colour and style of shorts. The display of players' sponsors’ logos on shorts and accessories is free as long as it complies with FIVB advertising regulations.

Organisers will provide playing tank tops and/or tops for the Main Draw teams only.

International & local transportation

Players are responsible for their own international and domestic airfare and for any airport taxes or visa expenses. Players are requested to apply early enough for their entry visas, whenever needed.

Players are also responsible for their own transportation from airport to hotel/venue as for the organisers will not be providing local transportation.

It is mandatory that all athletes have their own liability and medical insurance. The FIVB will not be held responsible for any medical expenses incurred while competing in a tournament.