Men's Satellite Event 2004

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Photo gallery

And thank you to the large crowd

Fred BRA and his fans

... before tha champagne!

National athem for Brazil...

And 1st: Fred-Cunha BRA

2nd: Gabathuler-Wenger SUI

3rd: Duarte-BrazŅo BRA

Happy Brazilians after their victories in the afternoon

Fred and Cunha BRA congratulate each other after their victory 21-16, 21-13 in the final

Fred and Cunha BRA wait for the last serve of the game

Wenger SUI was also stopped several times by Fred BRA

But Cunha BRA also had some spikes against the Swiss

The game on the net often saw Gabathuler SUI up against Fred BRA

Fred BRA in full flight

Difficult for Gabathuler SUI to pass by the wall of Fred BRA

Acrobatic defence by Gabathuler SUI in the final

Duarte-BrazŅo BRA thank the large Brazilian crowd for their support

The tight serve-receive wasn't enough for Schnider-Schuetz SUI to beat Duarte-BrazŅo BRA

Schutz SUI finds a way to pass by the block

Schnider SUI looks from below Schutz's attack

BrazŅo BRA reaches the ball in high altitude

A large crowd came to see the bronze medal final where Schuetz SUI faces Duarte BRA

Schnider SUI tries to reach Gabathuler's SUI ball

Amazing dig by Tino Schuetz SUI in the second semi

Nice move by Gabathuler SUI

Duarte-BrazŅo BRA congratulate Fred-Cunha for their victory

BrazŅo BRA goes by Fred BRA

Duarte BRA tries to block Fred BRA

BrazŅo BRA had many spikes as Fred-Cunha BRA always served to him

Fred BRA with the stretched arm in the first semi

Serve-receive by Pasquali to Viollier SUI

Block by Pasquali SUI against Wisloff-Hellum NOR

Jury-Bikicki AUS passe by Beck-Winter GER

Jury-Bikicki AUS attacking

Beck-Winter GER

Wisloff-Hellum NOR passe by Viollier SUI

Pasquali SUI attacking against Wisloff-Hellum NOR

The net of the International Beach Volleyball tounament - Lausanne

Serve-recieve by Duarte-BrazŅo BRA

Nausch-Stein÷ker AUT making the reception

With the finger tips...

The two courts in Bellerive

Nausch-Stein÷ker AUT serving against Duarte-BrazŅo BRA

Duarte BRA gets the ball high over the net against Nausch-Stein÷ker AUT

Gabathuler-Wenger SUI on the Bellerive court

The two partners Schuetz-Schnider SUI under the ball

Schnider SUI goes by the French block

Musnier-Vukajlovic FRA against Schuetz-Schnider SUI

Amazing ball height for Schnider SUI

Schuetz-Schnider SUI resting

Even far away from the net, Fred BRA is impressive

Serve-receive by Cunha BRA

This will be a strong move by Cunha BRA

Attack by Fred BRA (seed n¦1) against Beck-Winter GER

Quinn USA serving

Nice hitting height by Fischer USA

Beck-Winter GER in the game lost against Fred-Cunha BRA

Nausch-Stein÷ker AUT attacking

Logo of the tournament