FIVB              Men's Greek Challenger    2003

Men's Greek Challenger 2003
Athens, 19 - 24 August

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Hellenic Volleyball Federation       
47 Dimitrakopoulou Str., 117 41 ATHENS   

Tel: +30 210 92.11.645
Fax: +30 210 92.36 292


Event Office Venue

Olympic Beach Volleyball Centre              
Tel: + 30 210 0051118
+30 210 0050818   Web-site:

Tournament Director:  Nikos  Sofianos
Tel: +30 210 0051120 (office)
+30 697 2004 538 (mobile)

+30 210 0050818



Olympic Beach Volleyball Centre
Municipality of Kallithea
Faliron Coastal Zone, Athens


 Event Hotel Prize Money


Address:  72 Poseidonos Str., 175 62 Paleo Faliro

Tel: + 30.210.9822086
Fax: + 30.210. 9829217
Web site:




US$ 30,000 Prize Money to be paid to participating Teams as per the following breakdown upon conclusion of the event:                                                      

Rank                               Total/team

1st                                          4,500.            

2nd                                          3,500. -         

3rd                                          2,500.             

4th                                          2,000. -          

4 x 5th                                     1,500. -        

8 x 9th                                      900. -          

2 x 17th                                    650. -           

6 x 19th                                    500. -                  

The Prize money will be transferred through FIVB to players’ accounts


Welcome, local transportation and board & lodging  

Organisers will welcome Event athletes at Athens International Airport “EL. VENIZELOS” and will take care of the local transportation from the Airport to the hotel, provided that the teams will send their detailed travel itinerary (flight and arrival time) until  August 11, 2003 to Fax No: +30 210 00 50 818

Organisers will provide Athletes with hotel accommodation (double rooms) & meals from the evening of Monday 18th August 2003

Athletes who are not qualified to Round of “16” phase, will be covered with accommodation through breakfast of Friday 22nd August 2003 and will depart from the hotel until 12.00’ noon of Friday 22nd August 2003.

Athletes who will be qualified in Round of “16”, Quarterfinals, Semi-finals and Finals, will be covered with accommodation the through breakfast of Monday 25th August 2003

Athletes are personally responsible for all and any extras at the hotel such as mini bar, phone calls, laundry, etc that must be paid at checkout.

The organizers will not be required to make reservations for coaches and team officials accompanying the participating athlete.

Competition schedule and format  

The Athens 2003 FIVB Men’s Challenger, will be used for testing main functional areas of the organization of Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

Preliminary Round: Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st August 2003

Round of “16”:  Friday 22nd August 2003

Quarterfinals     Saturday 23rd August 2003

Semi finals:       Saturday 23rd   August 2003  

Finals:                Sunday 24th August 2003

Participation in the Tournament:

A total of TWENTY FOUR (24) Teams will participate in the Event. NO QUALIFICATION TOURNAMENT will take place.

A maximum of Two (2) teams per National Federation.

If more than Twenty four (24) Teams will register, the FIVB World Ranking will be taken into account, according to the 2003 FIVB World Tour Entry Regulations.

Teams ranked in the top 32 positions, as per the World Team Ranking standings on July 21st 2003, are not allowed to take part. The rule does not apply for the athletes of Host Organisers and the Wild cards. The Wild cards are included in the Country Quota number.

In case of late minute withdrawals, the number of teams may be filled from reserve teams attending the Technical Meeting or by Host Organisers teams.

competition format:

The Preliminary Round will be based on the pool play system (6 pools of 4 teams). The first two teams from each pool, plus the four best third ranked, will qualify for the “Round of 16”.

The Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semi finals and Finals will consist of a single elimination format. The winners of the 2 semi-finals play the finals for the 1st and 2nd place while the losers play the finals for the 3rd and 4th place.

Event Schedule
Monday August 18th          Arrival of Event teams

                                                19:30 Preliminary Inquiry

                                                21:00 Technical Meeting at the Olympic Beach Volleyball Centre.  Note:  Mandatory                        attendance for all athletes

Tuesday August 19th          Preliminary Round (12 matches in 3 sessions)

Wednesday August 20th     Preliminary Round (12 matches in 3 sessions)

Thursday August 21st         Preliminary Round (12 matches in 3 sessions)

Friday August 22nd             Round of “16”  (8 matches in 2 sessions)

                                                 Departure of Teams not qualified to “Round of 16”

Saturday August 23rd          Quarter finals-Semi finals (6 matches in 2 sessions)

Sunday August 24th             Finals (2 matches in 1 session)

Monday August 25th            Departure


Athletes must attend the Preliminary Inquiry and must present their uniforms and official forms during such inquiry.

Athletes must attend also the Technical Meeting. Draw will be made and seeding and detailed information on the competition will be distributed also to athletes during the meeting.

Preliminary Inquiry and Technical Meeting will take place on Monday 18th August 2003 in the Olympic Beach Volleyball Centre with the following programme:

Preliminary Inquiry: 19:30
Technical Meeting: 21:00


Special terms of accreditation system will be applied as Test for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games Accreditation system:

Upon receiving the ACCREDITATION FORM each National Federation shall send back until JULY 21st 2003 the Forms, duly filled for each one of possible participants (athletes-officials).

Only athletes whose National Federation have send the ACCREDITATION FORM will be considered to be eligible for participation in the ATHENS 2003 Men’s CHALLENGER. Athletes who haven’t completed the ATHENS 2003 MEN’S CHALLENGER ACCREDITATION FORM will not be eligible to forward their ENTRIES Form to the Organisers.

Organizers will provide all Organizing Committee members, FIVB Officials, referees, athletes, VIP's, journalists, technical staff, court personnel, volunteers, etc with an official ID card. Only people with accreditation will be allowed to access certain venue areas.