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TALKIN’ STATS: 2016 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour - May 24

Brazil's Gustavo 'Guto' Carvalhaes came up out of the sand in Cincinnati as he and Saymon Barbosa, both just 22, won their first FIVB World Tour gold medal to make them one of five men's teams to win their first on the 2016 FIVB World Tour.

Lausanne, Switzerland, May 24, 2016 — Leaving Cincinnati, Ohio, USA after the seventh of eight consecutive tournaments over eight straight weeks, the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) takes a quick look at some of the significant stats from its 2016 US$8.8 million FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour.

Last week the FIVB World Tour stop was the double-gender $150,000 FIVB Cincinnati Open in Mason, Ohio, the first event held in the United States this season. The FIVB World Tour, currently nearing the end of the Olympic qualifying process for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games that ends on June 13 is now in the Russia for the double-gender $800,000 FIVB Moscow Grand Slam. The internationally-televised FIVB Moscow Grand Slam, is being played at the Vodny Stadium Beach Sports Centre.

Through this year’s FIVB Sochi Open, Russia has hosted a total of 34 FIVB World Tour events (18 men, 16 women) with Brazil leading the medal count in both genders.  In the men’s totals after 18 events, Brazil has 15 medals, followed by the USA with eight, Germany with seven, Russia with six, Italy, Latvia and Switzerland with three each and China , Netherlands and Spain with two each. With one men’s medal in Russia are Argentina, Norway, Poland and Portugal.

After 16 FIVB World Tour women’s events held in Russia through this season’s FIVB Sochi Open, Brazil leads the medal parade with 15 total medals followed by the USA with nine, China with six, Germany with five and Russia with four. Switzerland is next with three and Italy, Netherlands and Spain have two medals each.

Men’s championship team of the 2015 FIVB Moscow Grand Slam was Spain’s Adrian Gavira/Pablo Herrera while winning the 2015 women’s gold medal in Moscow was Brazil’s Talita Antunes/Larissa Franca.

•    Another First Time Winner – Brazil’s Saymon Barbosa and Gustavo Carvalhaes joined the ranks of the first-time winners on the FIVB World Tour in the 2016 calendar year with their gold medal at the FIVB Cincinnati Open.  They join their compatriots, Oscar Brandao/Andre Loyola who won the FIVB Fortaleza Open last month, Poland’s Piotr Kantor/Bartosz Losiak who won the FIVB Rio de Janeiro Grand Slam in March, and Qatar’s Jefferson Santos Pereira/Cherif Younousse who won the FIVB Kish Island Open in February.  This makes four first-time winning teams in the nine events held in 2016.  In addition, Italy’s Adrian Carambula got his first win in the 2015 portion of the 2016 season at the FIVB Antalya Open, played in October.  It’s the third most first-time men’s winners in a season on the FIVB World Tour behind 2014 with 15 and 2013 with ten.
•    Six NORCECA Teams in the Top Eight, Ten of the Top 16 – Inspired by the European Confederation (CEV) sweeping the entire top eight finishes last week in the FIVB Antalya Open, the North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation (NORCECA) placed six teams in the top eight in the FIVB Cincinnati Open.  It is the first time that NORCECA has placed more than five teams in the top eight, with the only previous time in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympic Games where three teams from the United States, one from Canada, and one from Cuba finished seventh or better.  In Cincinnati, four teams from the USA, and two from Canada comprised the top eight finishers, led by a silver medal, a bronze medal, and a fourth-place.  In addition, two more teams from Canada finished ninth along with one team from the United States and one from Mexico to give NORCECA their first ever ten team top 16.  It breaks their record of nine set in 1995 at the FIVB Hermosa Beach Open where six teams from the US, two from Cuba and one from Canada finished 13th or better in the double elimination format.
•    Four Americans in the Top Eight – The four American teams in the top eight of the FIVB Cincinnati Open wasn’t the first time for the United States, but it was the only the third time, and the first time in almost 20 years.  The other two times were the Hermosa Beach Open in 1995 mentioned above (gold, silver, fifth, and seventh) and the 1997 World Championships in Los Angeles (silver, bronze, fifth and fifth).  This time the Americans could only manage one medal, a bronze to go along with a fourth-place and two fifth-place finishes.  The Americans have also placed three teams in the top eight, 30 different times.
•    Who woulda thought - When USA’s John Hyden and Tri Bourne defeated Mexico’s Lombardo Ontiveros and Juan Virgen in the elimination bracket of the FIVB Cincinnati Open when Ontiveros foot-faulted on match point, the buzz in the crowd was “Wow, I’ve never seen that before.”
One of the players on the court couldn’t say that, though. Asked later if he had ever won a match before on a foot fault, Bourne said: “No, but I’ve lost one. And I did it.”
It occurred on March 18 of this year at the FIVB Vitoria Open in Brazil, when Bourne and Mark Burik were playing in the first elimination round. Bourne was called for the infraction on match point and their tournament was over.
Oh, the opponents? None other than Mexico’s Ontiveros and Virgen.
“Karma,” Bourne said with a smile.
•    Men’s Players with Best Finish in Cincinnati – Here are the men’s players who enjoyed their best main draw finish at the FIVB Cincinnati Open:
o    Player, Country, Finish, Previous Best
o    Saymon Barbosa, Brazil, Gold, Bronze (two times)
o    Gustavo Carvalhaes, Brazil, Gold, Bronze (two times)
o    Cameron Wheelan, Canada, 9th, 17th (Doha, 2014)
o    Michael Plantinga, Canada, 9th, 17th (Doha, 2014)
o    Felipe Humana-Paredes, Canada, 17th, 33rd (Puerto Vallarta, 2015/16)
o    Robbie Page, United States, 25th, 41st (Long Beach, 2015)
o    Yannick Harms, Germany, 25th, 33rd (Xiamen, 2015)
o    Hendrik Mol, Norway, 25th, 33rd (two times)
•    Men’s Top Rookies for 2016 – In order to qualify as a rookie, a player must not have participated in an FIVB World Tour main draw from a previous season.  In the FIVB Cincinnati Open, the top men’s rookie finishers were Canada’s Felipe Humana-Paredes and Orlando Irizarry of Puerto Rico, who each finished 17th and earned 90 points. Other main draw finishers were Latvia’s Edgars Tocs, Switzerland’s Adrian Heidrich, Germany’s Yannick Harms, Norway’s Hendrik Mol, and Robbie Page of the United States who each finished 25th to earn 60 points.  The men have now held 13 events on the 2016 FIVB World Tour Calendar.  This stat will be updated after each event to track the progress of the top new players.
o    Christian Sorum, Norway, 630 points
o    Edgars Tocs, Latvia, 605
o    Hasan Mermer, Turkey, 455
o    Sefa Urlu, Turkey, 455
o    Ahmed Tijan, Qatar, 335
o    Mark Burik, United States, 325
o    Stefan Basta, Serbia, 300
o    Lazar Kolaric, Serbia, 300
o    Kristoffer Abell, Denmark, 280
o    George Wanderley, Brazil, 270
•    100th Gold for USA – April Ross and Kerri Walsh Jennings gold medal performance at the FIVB Cincinnati Open was the 100th gold medal for the North American nation on the FIVB World Tour.  The US women have won 242 total FIVB World Tour medals including 72 silver and 70 bronze along with 67 other final four finishes.  However, it’s only the 11th victory played within the NORCECA Confederation to go along with 52 in Europe (CEV), 23 in Asia/Australia (AVC), 13 in South America (CSV), and one in Africa (CAVB).  It’s the fifth gold won by the Americans while playing in the United States, with the most victories in Brazil with 12 followed by China with ten, France with nine, and Norway with seven.
•    100th Final Four for China – While the United States was winning its 100th gold medal, China was achieving a milestone of their own when Xinyi Xia/Chen Xue made the semi-finals, placing their 100th team in an FIVB World Tour Final Four.  The Chinese duo’s silver medal was the Asian nation’s 31st on the FIVB World Tour to go along with 22 gold, 27 bronze, and 20 fourth-place finishes.  Like the United States, China has also been most successful in Europe with 56 final fours along with 36 in Asia/Australia, five in North/Central America, two in South America and one in Africa.  While the US only had 5% of their medals on their home soil, China has had 23 final four finishes in China, followed by ten in Switzerland, seven in Russia, and six each in France and Poland.
•    Third Fourth for the Dutch “vans” – When Jantine van der Vlist and Sophie van Gestel teamed up at the beginning of the 2015 season, they were hoping to win medals on the FIVB World Tour.  While Sophie had one previous win in 2013 and a silver in 2012, with Madelein Meppelink, Jantine’s best finish was one fourth place with Marloes Wesselink in 2013.  In the 13 events since teaming up, the duo has made three final fours on the FIVB World Tour, but all three have led to fourth-place finishes.  Besides their two final four losses at the FIVB Cincinnati Open, the pair suffered two defeats in the 2015 FIVB Poland Grand Slam and also in the 2016 season-opening FIVB Puerto Vallarta Open played last October.
•    Women’s Players with Best Finish in Cincinnati – Here are the women’s players who enjoyed their best main draw finish at the FIVB Cincinnati Open:
o    Player, Country, Finish, Previous Best
o    Rachel Cockrell, Canada, 25th, 33rd (Puerto Vallarta, 2015-6)
o    Camille Saxton, Canada, 25th, 33rd (Puerto Vallarta, 2015-6)
•    Women’s Top Rookies for 2016 – In the FIVB Cincinnati Open, the top women’s rookie finishers were Rachel Cockrell and Camille Saxton of Canada who finished 25th, for 60 points.  Other rookie finishers were Rebeca Pazo of Venezuela, Kelly Reeves of the United States, and Austria’s Nadine and Teresa Strauss, who all finished 33rd for 30 points. The women have now held 11 events on the 2016 FIVB World Tour Calendar.  This stat will be updated after each event to track the progress of the top new players.
o    Chunxia Chen, China, 265 points
o    Maria Julia Benet, Argentina, 215
o    Rebecca Perry, Italy, 185
o    Valentyna Davidova, Ukraine, 180
o    Dunja Gerson, Switzerland, 180
o    Ievgeniia Shchypkova, Ukraine, 180
o    Anne Lie Rininsland, Sweden, 165
o    Elizaveta Zayonchkovskaya, Russia, 155
o    Rebeca Pazo, Venezuela, 150
o    Esra Cetin, Turkey, 140
o    Merve Nezir, Turkey, 140

With placement points for the FIVB Olympic Rankings for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games continuing, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour continues with events over eight straight weeks through the end of May. In all, Brazil is hosting five international events in 2016. In addition to Maceió, Rio, Vitoria and Fortaleza, the Brazil events conclude with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Aug. 6-18).

The FIVB World Tour is finishing up eight straight weeks of tournaments and returning to Russia for the second time this season. Only two events remain in the Olympic qualifying window on the FIVB World Tour.. The tour is in Russia this week for the double-gender $800,000 FIVB Moscow Grand Slam. Next week, the FIVB World Tour will take a one week respite, before the final Olympic qualifying event on the FIVB World Tour. The double-gender $800,000 Swatch FIVB Hamburg Major Series will be held in Germany (June 7-12).

The FIVB Moscow Grand Slam in Russia is the 344th men’s tournament since the FIVB began play in 1987 and the 305th FIVB women’s tournament since their competition started in 1992.

FIVB 2016
Based in Lausanne, Switzerland as the international governing body for the Olympic sports of Beach Volleyball and Volleyball, the 2016 FIVB Beach Volleyball calendar featured a purse of US$8.8 million with a season that extended from last October to this October, competing at 23 venues in 13 countries. The schedule includes five FIVB Grand Slams, three Swatch FIVB Major Series events, 14 FIVB Opens and the special Swatch FIVB World Tour Finals in the United States. The showcase event will be the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil (Aug. 6-18).

The 2015 portion of the 2016 FIVB World Tour calendar started in October in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and included two more open events prior to the remainder of the schedule resuming at the FIVB Kish Island Open in Iran in February.

The Olympic qualification process began in 2015 with all FIVB World Tour events (except the Swatch FIVB World Tour Finals) in 2015 up until June 13, 2016 counting towards the Olympic Ranking in order to determine 15 spots for each gender that will take part in each 24-team field in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Copacabana Beach in Brazil in August. Counting the FIVB Moscow Grand Slam, just two events remain on the Olympic qualifying calendar for the FIVB World Tour.

The four FIVB Grand Slam and four Swatch FIVB Major Series competitions in 2016, all double-gender, each have $800,000 in total purses. The total of $500,000 will be the purse for the Swatch FIVB World Tour Season Final which will feature the top eight teams in each gender and two wild card teams.

The 14 FIVB Open tournaments on 2016 calendar, 11 double-gender, and three men’s only, have $150,000 total purses for the double gender events and $75,000 for the single-gender competitions.

The gold medal teams in each gender at FIVB Grand Slam and Swatch FIVB Major Series events split $57,000, the silver $43,000, the bronze $32,000 and fourth place $24,000. The gold medal teams in each gender at FIVB Open tournaments each split $11,000, the silver $8,000, the bronze $6,000 and fourth place $4,500.

Implemented in 2013, the format of all the FIVB Beach Volleyball international tournaments – whether FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships, FIVB Beach Volleyball Grand Slam or FIVB Beach Volleyball Open – are the same, featuring pool play followed by single elimination knockout rounds. Country Quota playoffs returned as needed in 2015 to determine the final teams for the qualification tournament.

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