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World Series 13 | Women
19/07/2010 - 25/07/2010

General Info
Women Event Schedule  
Country Quota Play Off matches  

Monday 19th         Arrival of the Qualification Tournament teams

                             13:00 Meeting for Country Quota Play-Off teams (if any)

                             15:00 Country Quota Play-Off matches (if any)

                             18:00 Preliminary Inquiry at the Venue for the Qualification  Tournament teams

                             20:00  Technical Meeting at the venue for the Qualification  Tournament teams

Qualification Tournament  

Tuesday 20th       7:50-17:50 Qualification Tournament

                             Arrival of Main Draw teams

                             18:00  Preliminary Inquiry for the Main Draw teams on site

                             20:00  Technical Meeting for the Main Draw teams on site

Main Draw Tournament  

Wednesday 21th            Main Draw

Thursday 22th             Main Draw

Friday 23th                  Main Draw

Saturday 24th              Main Draw and Semi Finals

Sunday 25th                 Finals

Monday 26th                Departure of the persons concerned


Training courts available since (date): 19 of July

Total # of competition courts: 6
Total # of warm-up courts: according to availability