Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Brasilia Open | Women
19/04/2010 - 24/04/2010

General Info
Tournaments' Side Events TBD
Ticketing Free admission
BVAW (Beach Volley Around the World) http://www.bvaw.org
Mr. O. Vizzino
BVAW President

Mr. J. Salema
BVAW Vice-President

email: info@bvaw.org
Hospitality Package TBD
Camp for Beach Volleyball fans TBD
Tentative TV Programming

Friday and Saturday

Weather Conditions
Min. 18º C – Max. 30º C
Sunrise: 6:15
Sunset: 18:30
based on last years' data for the same period
Currency Reais (the exchange rate on average in the last few months has been R$2,20 to the dollar and R$2,90 to the Euro). This may change within this time period.
Tourist Office Web Site www.brasiliatur.com.br
Other recommended Hotels in the Area Manhattan Plaza, St. Paul Plaza
Popular Attraction www.brasiliatur.com.br
Other useful information

Special attention to visa requirements

Time difference GMT: - 3 hours