Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Shanghai Open presented by City Beach | Men
3/05/2010 - 8/05/2010

General Info
Tournaments' Side Events N/A
Ticketing Free entrance
BVAW (Beach Volley Around the World) http://www.bvaw.org
Mr. O. Vizzino
BVAW President

Mr. J. Salema
BVAW Vice-President

email: info@bvaw.org
Hospitality Package N/A
Camp for Beach Volleyball fans N/A
Tentative TV Programming

May 8  Men’s semi Final & Final
May 9  Women’s semi Final & Final

Weather Conditions
Minimum temperature:160c;
Maximum temperature:300c.
Fine days (possible1/2daysmall rain)
Currency RMB
Tourist Office Web Site www.jsbol.com
Other recommended Hotels in the Area

Jin shan Hotel,  jsh@sh-jshotel.com
Seagull Hotel,  
Sunrise hotel    postermaster@sh-sunrisehotel.com.cn

Popular Attraction TBD
Other useful information


Time difference GTM +8