Thursday, 28 August 2014

Paf Open | Men
17/08/2010 - 22/08/2010

General Info
Tournaments' Side Events Business day, clinics, kids camp, official parties
Ticketing Ticketing Wednesday-Sunday (5-15 euro)
BVAW (Beach Volley Around the World)
Mr. O. Vizzino
BVAW President

Mr. J. Salema
BVAW Vice-President

Hospitality Package

Contact Peggy Björkell at +358 18 24 379
Camp for Beach Volleyball fans TBD
Tentative TV Programming


Weather Conditions
Average temperatures: 21,4 degrees Celcius; Max temperature: 27 degrees Celcius; Min temperature: 13 degrees Celcius; Sunrise: 4,52 am; Sunset: 8,53 pm
Currency Official currency is euro but Swedish kronor is accepted at most restaurants and shops
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Time difference GMT + 2 hours