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  Manama  2007   Men's Open
09.05.2007 -  12.05.2007


General Info
 Click here for Event Regulations: WT/06
Promoter National Federation

Bahrain Volleyball Association
Address: P.O Box 5176
Manama – Bahrain
Tel: (+973) 17811525
Fax: (+973) 17811510
Contact person: ROBERTO REGGIANI
Telephone and Fax numbers: 
tel +973 36728957
office +973 17811474 
fax +973 17813585

Ahmed Hussein
Asst. Event Manager 
Tel: +973 39204750
Map of the area (including the name of the closest aiport)

  • Bahrain International Airport (Manama)
  • Easiest form of local transportation available at the Airport (please include link of official local transportation’s website)
Host Broadcaster Venue

Name: Bahrain Radio & Television Corporation
Contact Person: Mr. Nabil Rashed Bu-Haza’a
Telephone: +973 17871225
Fax:+973 17687903


Bahrain Formula 1 International Circuit

Event Office  Qualification Teams Hotel
From April 18
Address:  Bahrain Formula 1 International Circuit
Phone & fax:  
Promoter’s mobile:
Administrative Director’s :

Mobile of any other persons of the organization dealing with players, 
officials, etc :

Address: P.O. box 55222
Manama   Bahrain
Tel: +973 17827999  
Fax: +973 17827888

Category: 4 star
Price: USD 60 full board /person / day -for twin room
         USD 95 full board/ person/ day - for single room 

Main Draw Teams & Officials Hotel

Name:TAJ PLAZA Hotel
Address:P.O. box 10733
Manama   Bahrain 
Tel: +973 17815815 
Fax: +973 17815800 
Event Schedule
07 may
Arrival of the Qualification Tournament teams
16:00 Meeting for Country Quota Play-Off teams (if any)
17:00 Country Quota Play-Off matches (if any)

08 may
Qualification Tournament
:09.00 Preliminary Inquiry (mandatory attendance)
at Taj Palace Hotel for the Qualification  Tournament teams
10.00  Technical Meeting (mandatory attendance)
at Taj Palace Hotel  for the Qualification  Tournament teams
16.00 Qualification Tournament

Arrival of Main Draw teams

09 may

Main Draw (32 matches)
11.00  Preliminary Inquiry  (mandatory attendance)
At Taj Palace Hotel for the Main Draw teams
12.00  Technical Meeting (mandatory attendance)
at Taj Palace Hotel for the Main Draw teams (mandatory attendance)
16.00 Main Draw (32 matches)

10 may 
16.00 Main Draw (22 matches)

11 may
16.00 Main Draw (4 matches) and Semi-finals (21.00 and 22.00)

12 may
17.30 Bronze Medal Final ;
19.00 Final

13 may
Departure of the persons concerned

Training courts available since: 04/05/07
Total # of competition courts: 4
Total # of warm-up courts: 1

Note: the FIVB and the Promoter reserve the right to modify this schedule to accommodate media and TV’s needs

Useful Information
Tournaments' Side Events  
Ticketing Available 10 days before the start of the event
Hospitality Package
Camp for Beach Volleyball fans
Tentative TV Programming
Weather Conditions (based on last years' data for the same period)

30-35° degree

Currency Bahrain Dinnar
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