Montreal  2005   Women's Open
24.08.2005 -  28.08.2005

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Photo gallery

Brazilian podium (left to right) - Talita, Renata, Larissa, Juliana, Shelda, Adriana

Brazilian medal winners Talita, Renata, Larissa, Juliana, Shelda, Adriana with presenters

Volleyball Canada Dave Carey (right) with Shelda (left) and Adriana

Gold medal winners Larissa (left) and Juliana receiver their SWATCH

Silver medal winners Talita (left) and Renata

Bronze medal winners Shelda (left) and Adriana

SWATCH MOP Larissa Franca of Brazil

Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil

Adriana Behar (left) of Brazil against Sanne Keizer of the Netherlands

Shelda Bede of Brazil

Brazil's Shelda Bede

Larissa Franca of Brazil

Mikasa and Sanne Keizer of the Netherlands

Marrit Leenstra bumps the Mikasa in front of Dutch partner Sanne Keizer

Talita Antunes of Brazil

Renata Ribeiro (left) and Talita Antunes of Brazil

Adriana Behar (left) of Brazil against Juliana Felisberta Silva

More Larissa against Adriana

Brazil's Adriana Behar (left, #1) blocks against Larissa Franca

Larissa Franca (left) of Brazil

Natalie Cook of Australia eyes the Mikasa

Sara Montagnolli of Austria

Austria's Sara Montagnolli (right) and Natalie Cook of Australia listen to the referee

Canada's Sarah Maxwell (left) and Marie Andree Lessard at post-match interview

Early Saturday centre court media coverage

Canadian Olympians Guylaine Dumont (left) and Annie Martin

Montreal Centre Court Action

Canada's Sarah Maxwell (left) against Talita Antunes of Brazil

World champion Adriana Behar of Brazil signs autographs

Brazil's Juliana

Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil

Virginie Kadjo (left) of France with partner Ethel-Julie Arjona

The Canada Open bracket

Suzanne Lahme of Germany

Marie-Christine Pruneau of Canada

Mayra Garcia of Mexico

Leila Barros of Brazil

Brazil's Shelda Bede

Shelda Bede (right) of Brazil against Sarah Maxwell of Canada

Mikasa and Brazil's Ana Paula Connelly

Juliana (left) vs. Nicole Sanderson (right) of Australia

Brazilian Juliana Felisberta Silva

Stefanie Schwaiger of Austria

Natalie Cook of Australia

Canada's Marie-Andree Lessard

Annie Martin (left) celebrates a win

Canadian Olympian Annie Martin

Marie-Andree Lessard of Canada

Tamsin Barnett of Australia

Brazil's Leila Barros

Rieke Brink-Abeler of Germany

Guylaine Dumont (left) of Canada with Caroline Fiset

Olympian Guylaine Dumont of Canada

Early morning Canadian supports for Martin and Pruneau

Canadian Olympian Annie Martin

Nancy Gougeon of Canada

Gabriele Jobst (right) of Canada against Carla Kleverlaan of Australia

Marie-Christine Mondor (right) hugs winning Canadian partner Anouk Boileau

Anouk Boileau of Canada

Natalie Lukiw of Canada

Alejandra Acosta of Mexico

Sara Pothaar (left) and Sarah Hogarth of Canada

Sarah Hogarth (right) of Canada against Andrea Luge of France

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