Women's competition, Stavanger
From 29 June To 3 July 2004

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Photo gallery

The podium (left to righ), Davis, Johnson Jordan, McPeak, Youngs, Wacholder and Walsh

Happy Americans with Youngs mother

The winners with Youngs mom (right)

Gold medallists - Holly McPeak (left) and Elaine Youngs

Silver medallists - Annett Davis (left) and Jenny Johnson Jordan

Bronze medallists - Rachel Wacholder (left) and Kerry Walsh

Honoring the American flag from the podium

Elaine Youngs with joy of a USA gold

More liquid from the winner - USA's Elaine Youngs

USA's Elaine Youngs with a championship spray

Jenny Johnson Jordan moves into position for the United States

USA's Annett Davis sets the ball

Holly McPeak of the United States chases the Mikasa

USA's Jenny Johnson Jordan on the serve

Annett Davis (No. 2) hits past Elaine Youngs in All-USA final

Holly McPeak (right) of the United States receivers the Mikasa

USA's Elaine Youngs hits past Jenny Johnson Jordan in deciding set

Elaine Youngs (left) with winning USA partner Holly McPeak

Holly McPeak of the United States with the serve

USA's Jenny Johnson (left) stretches for the Mikasa with Annett Davis

Jenny Johnson Jordan (in the sand) and Annett Davis on championship point

Annie Martin of Canada moves towards the Mikasa

Canadian fans watch the Vaagen Harbour action

Canadian TO - Annie Martin (left) talks with Guylaine Dumont

USA's Kerri Walsh (left) at the net against Annie Martin of Canada

Holly McPeak of the United States falls

Guylaine Dumont of Canada at the net

USA and Canada at the net - Jenny Johnson Jordan (left) with Guylaine Dumont

Just Do It yells Jenny Johnson Jordan of the United States

Canada's Annie Martin

Annie Martin of Canada stretches for the ball

Annett Davis of the United States goes for the Mikasa

USA's Annett Davis bumps the ball

Annett Davis of the USA with a serve

Canada's Guylaine Dumont at the net

USA's Jenny Johnson Jordan

Semi-final winners - USA's Holly McPeak (left) and Elaine Youngs

Kerri Walsh (left) and Rachel Wacholder during a USA time out

Holly McPeak of the United States hits at the net

Rachel Wacholder with another USA reception

USA's Rachel Wacholder with the reception

Elaine Youngs prepares a USA serve

Holly McPeak of the United States in the Vaagen Harbour centre court sand

USA's Holly McPeak goes for the ball

Norwegian winners - Ingrid Torlen (left) and Nila Ann Hakedal

Kathrine Maaseide of Norway looks for the Mikasa

Norway's Kathrine Maaseide (right) with Okka Rau of Germany at the net

Susanne Glesnes of Norway chases the Mikasa

Canada's Guylaine Dumont after a win

Efthalia Koutroumanidou (right) hits past Greek rival Efi Sfyri

Efthalia Koutroumanidou (right) of Greece with Vassiliki Arvaniti

Taking a bow - USA's Rachel Wacholder

Norwegian players, cheerleaders and fans

Norway's Ingrid Torlen bumps the Mikasa

More than 30,000 enjoyed Friday's action

The crowded sidewalks leading to the Vaagen Harbour centre court

Resting, reading and enjoy the sun next to the Beach Volleyball action

A packed Vaagen Harbour centre court

Enjoying a break from Beach Volleyball at Vaagen Harbour

We win - Nila Ann Hakedal (eyes shut) hugs Norwegian partner Ingrid Torlen

Looking for the spot - Dalixia Fernandez Grasset of Cuba

Cuba's Tamara Larrea Peraza cleans her glasses

USA's Jenny Johnson Jordan goes for the Mikasa

Ingrid Torlen in the crowd after second Norwegian win

Norway's Cecilie Josefsen (right) receives while Kristine Wiig watches

Finland's Erika Nystroom chases the Mikasa

USA's Rachel Wacholder (glasses) beats Kerri Walsh to the ball

Kathrine Maaseide of Norway on the reception with Susanne Glesnes moving

Canadians prepare - Guylaine Dumont with the ball while Annie Martin awaits

Kerri Walsh of USA high over the net against Finland

USA's Kerri Walsh walks away while Erika Nystrom of Finland watches the ball

Kerri Walsh of the United States signs her name

Dalixia Fernandez Grasset of Cuba stretches while Guylaine Dumont of Canada watches

Cuba's Tamara Larrea Peraza stretches for the Mikasa

Kathrine Maaseide hugs her partner after first Norwegian win

Norway wins - A happy Ingrid Torlen

Tamara Larrea Peraza of Cuba blocks against Greece

A Beach Volleyball mother with new son - Norway's Synnove Marie Oyra

Norway's Eva Roald Ofstaas puts her hands in the air

Julia Willand (left) congratulates Leigh-Ann Naidoo after South African win

Celebriting an Australia win - Angela Clarke in foreground

Hungary's Krisztina Nagy watches the ball in Vaagen Harbour

Mered de Vries of the Netherlands

Aussie Kylie Gerlic goes flying

Eva Roald Ofstaas (right) of Norway goes for the ball

Irina Brandstetter of Austria talks with the scorer

Kylie Gerlic of Australia nears the line

Austria's Annabelle Borchard digs the Mikasa

Annabelle Borchard of Austria in the sand

Hilda Gaxiola (right) of Mexico bumps ball ahead of Mayra Garcia

Mexico's Mayra Garcia digs for the ball