Women's competition, Osaka
From 2 June To 6 June 2004

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Photo gallery

Smiling Tannowa Beach faces - Sanderson, Cook, Shelda, Adriana, Kuhn and Schnyder-Benoit

Shelda and Adriana with medals, flowers and a SWATCH

Simone Kuhn and Nicole Schnyder-Benoit proud bronze medallists

Sanderson and Cook show silver medals

Shelda and Adriana celebrate the top podium position

The Tannowa Beach podium with Australia, Brazil and Switzerland

Adriana Behar cools off after Brazilian win

Shelda Bede rewards the Brazilian fans

Nicole Sanderson of Australia dives for the ball

Adriana Behar of Brazil consoles Natalie Cook

Stephane Fournier checks out Natalie Cook

Nicole Sanderson of Australia chases the ball

Australian Natalie Cook bumps the serve

Brazilian fans cheer at Tannowa Beach stadium

Australia's Natalie Cook (left) and Nicole Sanderson during the post-semi interview

The winning Aussies (Sanderson & Cook) are congratulated by the Greeks

Olympian Natalie Cook considers her next move for Australia

Efi Sfyri of Greece handles another serve

Vasso Karadassiou of Greece in the sand

Another Natalie Cook handles another pass

Efi Sfyri of Greece scores another dig in the semis

Looking for help is Nicole Sanderson

Nicole Sanderson of Australia at the net

Natalie Cook of Australia handles another attack

Another Natalie Cook dig

Natalie Cook of Australia moves to handle Nicole Sanderson's pass

Vasso Karadassiou of Greece receives

Gold medallist Cook of Australia lunges

Vasso Karadassiou of Greece receives in the semis

Efi Sfyri of Greece points

Nicole Sanderson (No. 2) helps a fallen Natalie Cook

Efi Sfyri of Greece goes for the pass

Natalie Cook goes for the ball

Vasso Karadassiou of Greece receives the ball in the semis

Natalie Cook receives

Natalie Cook scrambles

Natalie Cook digs for the ball

Aussie Olympian Natalie Cook in semi action

Brazil's Adriana Behar in sand of semis

Adriana Behar of Brazil interviewed after semi-final win

Swiss pair - Kuhn left, Schnyder-Benoit right, at a time out

Brazil's Shelda Bede celebrates a semi-final win

Adriana Behar of Brazil attempts a hit against Simone Kuhn of Switzerland in the sems

Shelda Bede of Brazil just misses a dig in the semis

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit of Switzerland goes for dig in semis

Shelda Bede of Brazil receiving in semis

Shelda Bede (No. 2) congratulates Brazilian partner Adriana Behar in semis

Brazilian fans at Tannowa Beach Stadium

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit of Switzerland receivers in semis

Efi Sfyri of Greece hugs Vasso Karadassiou (No. 1)

Greece's Vasso Karadassiou (left) looks up as Efi Sfyri nears

Suzanne Lahme (left) of Germany high fives Danja Musch

Vasso Karadassiou (right) listens to Greece teammate Efi Sfyri

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit (left) and Simone Kuhn celebrate a Swiss win

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit hugs Simone Kuhn (back to camera)

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit in the Tannowa Beach sand

Simone Kuhn of Switzerland on the attack

Australians Nicole Sanderson goes for the Mikasa

Natalie Cook of Australia bumps the ball

Ji Linjun of China goes for dig

Olympian Mika Teru Saiki of Japan digs

Germany's Suzanne Lahme (left) and Danja Musch go for the ball

Nila Ann Hakedal of Norway at the ball

Norway's Ingrid Torlen at the net

Adriana Behar of Brazil in action

Shelda Bede of Brazil digs

Switzerland's Simone Kuhn bump sets

Aussie Natalie Cook attacks

Olympic gold medalist Natalie Cook of Australia at the net

Nicole Sanderson of Australia receivers

Chiaki Kusuhara of Japan receives

Ryo Tokuno of Japan goes for the dig

Chiaki Kusuhara of Japan passes the ball

Mika Teru Saiki of Japan digs

Japan's Satoko Urata (left) goes for the ball with Mika Teru Saiki

Mika Teru Saiki (2) hugs Satoko Urata after Japanese win

Nila Ann Hakedal of Norway sets for receiving as JIngrid Torlen moves

Ingrid Torlen of Norway bump sets

Nila Ann Hakedal of Norway serves

Andrea Ahmann of Germany sets for receiving as Jana Vollmer moves

Andrea Ahmann of Germany goes for the ball

Emilie Nystrom of Norway attempts hit pass Jana Vollmer of Germany

Zhang Xi of China bumps the ball

Zhang Xi of China at the net

Maria Tsiartsiani of Greece blocks Zhang Xi of China

Virginie Kadjo of France receiving

Virginie Kadjo of France hits over Krisztina Nagy of Hungry

Ethel-Julie Arjona of France receiving

Kaylan Nielsen blocks Renae Maycock in All-Aussie match

Renae Maycock blocks Aussie rival Kaylan Nielsen

Renae Maycock of Australia goes for the ball

Teresa Galindo of Mexico gets the dig

Teresa Galindo of Mexico dives for the ball

Mayra Huerta of Mexico receives

Annamaria Solazzi of Italy hits past Hishako Oda of Japan

Laura Bruschini (left) and Annamaria Solazzi of Italy go for the ball

Annamaria Solazzi of Italy receives