Women's competition, Milan
From 1 September To 5 September 2004

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Keep the beach clean-
Think environment!

No rest for the wicked! Those envious pairings who weren’t quite good enough to qualify for the Summer Olympiad in Athens will be snarling in anticipation of the Italian Open in Milan which runs from September 1 – 5.

An early warning to Olympic medal winners who dare to gloat on their return to the Swatch – FIVB World Tour for there will be nothing but thoughts of revenge and humiliation in the minds of the opponents that they left behind.

The Arco della Pace (Arc of Peace) - Parco Sempione is an inspirational setting for the elite women's teams as they compete in the penultimate tournament of the season.

A large inland town will be the theatre where the elite of women's Beach Volleyball perform. Places like Berlin in Germany, Klagenfurt in Austria and Switzerland's Gstaad have proven how a non seaside city can make Beach Volleyball work and Milan has been working hard to follow suit.

There were surprises all ‘round last season when the Chinese duo of Jia Tian and Fei Wang claimed their second tournament success in a row here. Just prior to this event, the highly skilled pair had been victorious in Bali and thus, when they added the Italian crown shortly afterwards the world of women’s Beach Volleyball recognized that there was a new team in town worthy of much respect.

"We are ecstatic with this victory," Fei Wang said following her team’s final win over seeded Brazilian teammates Adriana Behar and Shelda. "We know the Brazilians are the best in Beach Volleyball so it makes us extremely proud to win this tournament. We are young and we are improving so we can still achieve a lot”.

After last year’s great success, Milan will be all primed to put on another spectacular show with the locals coming out in force to witness all the top women’s stars.

2003 Podium:

 First Place:
Tian Jia and Wang Fei (China)

  Second place:
  Adriana Behar - Shelda (Brazil)

  Third place:
Nancy Mason and Dianne DeNecochea (USA)