Women's competition, Gstaad
From 15 June To 19 June 2004

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Photo gallery

The Winners - Kerri Walsh and Misty May of the United States

Smile - Bede, Behar, Walsh, May, McPeak and Youngs

USA's Kerri Walsh, Misty May, Holly McPeak and Elaine Youngs

Saluting the USA flag - Bede, Behar, Walsh, May, McPeak and Youngs

Winners of the Cow Bells - USA Kerri Walsh (left) and Misty May

In the cool of Gstaad - Adriana Behar (left) and Shelda Bede of Brazil

Holly McPeak (left) with Elaine Youngs - bronze winners

Podium Placers - Brazil's Bede/Behar, USA's Walsh/May, USA's McPeak/Youngs

USA team leaves the court - Kerri Walsh (left) and Misty May

I know it hurts, Kerri Walsh encourages USA partner Misty May

Adriana Behar (1) congrats Brazilian partner Shelda Bede

USA's Misty May sets at the net

Shelda Behar of Brazil hits against USA's Kerri Walsh

Brazil & USA at the net - Shelda Behar hits against Kerri Walsh

Brazil's Adriana Behar sets

Adriana Behar of Brazil receives the Mikasa

Shelda Bede of Brazil after making another great play

USA's Misty May in the sand

Shelda Bede of Brazil hits against the block of USA's Kerri Walsh

Kerri Walsh of the United States blocks Ana Paula Connelly of Brazil

USA's Kerri Walsh helps rival Ana Paula Connelly of Brazil

Wet fans in Gstaad

Sandra Pires of Brazil (left) hits against USA's Kerri Walsh

The 1to1 Energy Open Center Court

Shelda Bede cheers with her Brazilian supporters

Adriana Behar after a Brazilian success

Holly McPeak of the United States talks with the Mikasa

Adriana Behar (left) gets excited with Brazilian partner Shelda Bede

Brazilian flag in the Alps

USA's Holly McPeak with another save

Adriana Behar of Brazil (left) at the net with USA's Elaine Youngs

Brazil's Shelda Bede at the end line

Just Do It - Czech Republic's Sona Novakova

Adriana Behar (left) congratulates Shelda Bede after a Brazilian win

Brazil's Shelda Bede reaches for the Mikasa

Isn't this Fun - Ana Paula Connelly of Brazil

In the Sand - Brazil's Shelda Bede

Going for the Mikasa - Brazilians Sandra Pires (left) and Ana Paula Connelly

Brazil's Shelda Bede receiving

Olympic medallists Sandra Pires of Brazil in action

A cradle by Adriana Behar of Brazil

Ana Paula Connelly (left) of Brazil blocking Adriana Behar

USA's Kerri Walsh setting

Okka Rau of Germany receiving

Tamara Larrea Peraza of Cuba bumping the Mikasa

Cuba's Tamara Larrea Peraza awaiting her partner's serve

Olympian Kerri Pottharst of Australia on the set

Beach Volleyball in the Alps

Cuba's Dalixia Fernandez Grasset on the move

Dinah Kilchenmann (right) moves to the ball as Swiss partner Lea Schwer receives

Swiss Fans All Hands

Annie Martin of Canada hits against USA Kerri Walsh

Olympian Natalie Cook goes for the Mikasa

Daniela Gattelli (right) of Italy bumps the ball with Lucilla Perrotta moving

Aussie Nicole Sanderson sets the ball

Daniela Gattelli of Italy prepares to serve

Kylie Gerlic of Australia in sand for reception

Virginie Kadjo of France hits against Swiss block by Nadia Emi

USA's Kerri Walsh at the net against Canadian Annie Martin

Misty May of the United States goes for the dig

Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil goes for the serve

A happy Brazilian - Juliana Felisberta Silva

Kerri Walsh of the United States saves a serve

USA Kerri Walsh stretches for the Mikasa

Misty May of the United States at the net

Brazilian winners - Larissa Franca being hugged by Juliana Felisberta Silva

Misty May of the United States receiving

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit of Switzerland stretches for the Mikasa

Simone Kuhn chases Swiss partner Nicole Schnyder-Benoit

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit of Switzerland receives

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit bumps sets

Nicole Schnyder-Benoit of Switzerland hits at Angela Clarke of Australia

Simone Kuhn (right) congratulates Nicole Schnyder-Benoit after a Swiss win

Switzerland's Simone Kuhn (left) and Nicole Schnyder-Benoit receiver flowers from Ruedi Knuz (right) for winning European title

Finland's Nystrom twins - Erika (left) and Emilia

USA's Nancy Mason prepares to serve

Erika Nystrom of Finland receives the ball as twin sister Emilia moves into position

Emilia Nystrom of Finland awaits fhe serve

Swiss Scorekeepers Julia Carisch (left) and Marie Claire Haller

A Finnish block by a Nystrom block against Claire Jaoun of France

Frederike Fischer receives a serve for Germany

One Nystrom bump sets for another Nystrom

Sarah Schmocker blocks Romana Kayser in an all-Swiss match

Servicing a Mikasa - Muriel Graessli of Switzerland

Merel Mooren attempts a block against Muriel Graessli in Swiss match

Larissa Franca of Brazil awaits the serve

Annik Skrivan of Switzerland against Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil

17-year old Muriel Graessli of Switzerland awaits a serve

A spike by Switzerland's Isabelle Forrer against Larissa of Brazil

Tatiana Riera of France serves

Japan's Miwako Suzuki on the receiving end of a serve

Muriel Graessli of Switzerland receives the ball

Reception by Isabelle Forrer of Switzerland

A Nystrom twin from Finland at the net against Tatiana Riera ofFrance

Claire Jaouen of France digs the Mikasa

Annik Skrivan of Switzerland blocks Juliana Felisberta Silva of Brazil

Annik Skrivan of Switzerland surveying the situation

Swiss Hug, Romana Kayser (left) and Muriel Graessli