Men's competition, Stare Jablonki
From 21 July To 25 July 2004

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Photo gallery

Over-flowing crowd for Mazury Open

The Podium (left to right) - Tande, Franco, Emanuel, Ricardo, Hoidalen and Kjemperud

Ricardo Santos of Brazil after the awards

Thank you Hotel Anders - Emanuel Rego (left) and Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Braziians Franco Neto (left), Emanuel Rego, Ricardo Santos with Norway's Vegard Hoidalen and Jorre Kjemperud

Brazi's Emanuel (left) and Ricardo (right) with Vegard Hoidalen of Norway

Ricardo Santos (bowing) of Brazil receives congratulations

The winners - Emanuel (left) and Ricardo

Brazi's Emanuel Regio (left) dives for the ball

You the man! - Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Ricardo Santos of Brazil with the block attempt

Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Tande Ramos (right) against Ricardo Santos in All-Brazil finale

Vegard Hoidalen of Norway with the reception

Emanuel Rego of Brazil receives

Ricardo Santos (right) of Brazil goes for the block against Norway

Norway's Jorre Kjemperud (left) against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Jorre Kjemperud (left) of Norways hits against Emanuel Rego of Brazil

Emanuel Rego (right) of Brazil against Vegard Hoidalen of Norway

Jorre Kjemperud of Norway looks up

Norway's Vegard Hoidalen receives the Mikasa

Swiss Stefan Kobel (right) against Vegard Hoidalen of Norway

Patrick Heuschel (right) in the sand passing to Stefan Kobel of Switzerland

Norway's Jorre Kjemperud (right) sets to Vegard Hoidalen

Benjamin Insfran (left) attempts a legal kick for Brazil while Marcio Araujo watches

Germany's Julius Brink (right) against Brazil's Ricardo Santos

Julius Brink of Germany receives the Mikasa

Emanuel Rego (left) against Benjamin Insfran

Benjamin Insfran of Brazil receives

Brazil's Marcio Araujo (left) against Emanuel Rego in Brazilian match

Swiss Patrick Heuscher (right) hits against a Laciga

Patrick Heuscher (left) hits past Swiss rival Paul Laciga

Rego ready - Brazil's Emanuel

Marcio Araujo (right) hits against Ricardo Santos in All-Brazilian match

Brazil's Marcio Araujo receives

Give me five big guy - Emanuel Rego (left) and Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Brazil's Emanuel Rego bumps

Switzerland's Patrick Heuscher (right) blocks against Jorre Kjemperud of Norway

Brazil's Marcio Araujo

Sascha Heyer of Switzerland at the net against Brazil

Switzerland's Sascha Heyer goes for the ball

Cuba's Francisco Alvarez

Francisco Alvarez (left) of Cuba wiht the reception as Juan Rossell watches

Another reception for Tande Ramos (right) of Brazil with Franco Neto awaiting the Brazilian pass

Benjamin Insfran (right) receives while Brazilian partner Marcio Araujo watches

Brazil's Ricardo Santos (left) hits against Roman Arkaev of Russia

Brazilian reception for Ricardo Santos with Emanuel Rego in background

Russia's Ditmitri Barsouk(left) hits against Ricardo Santos of Brazil

Brazil's Ricardo Santos (right) receives as Emanuel Rego watches

Ramon Hernandez (No. 2) bumps for Puerto Rico as Raul Papaleo watches

Krzysztof Hajbowicz (No. 1) of Poland receives as Piotr Glogowski watches

Poland's Wojciech Plinsk (left) at the net with Sascha Heyer of Switzerland

Sascha Heyer of Switzerland with the reception

Poland's Plinski - Wojciech (left) and Daniel

Daniel Plinski of Poland with the reception

Poland's Wojciech Plinski

Cuba's Juan Rossell with the reception

Francisco Alvarez (No. 1 right) of Cuba hits against Brazilian Ricardo Santos

A Cuba Upset Over Brazil - Juan Rossell hugs Francisco Alvarez from behind

Wojciech Plinski of Poland receives

Poland's Damian Lisiecki (left) receives as Zbigniew Zukowski watches

Raul Mesa of Spain sets

Spain's Javier Luna

Javier Lunda (left) of Spain against Poland's Zbigniew Zukowski

Germany's David Klemperer chases the Mikasa

Puerto Rico's Raul Papaleo (right) against Germany's Niklas Rademacher

Raul Papaleo (left) of Puerto Rico handles the ball

Conrad Leinemann (left) watches Canadian mate Richard Van Huizen receive

Canadian Conrad Leinemann

Aussies prepare - Andrew Schacht (left) and Joshua Slack

David Klemperer of Germany with the Mikasa

Niklas Rademacher (right) of Germany up high against Puerto Rico

Brazil's Para at the net against Norway

Para of Brazil dances in the Hotel Anders sand

After the ball is Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Para (left) receives for Brazil

Pedro Cunha of Brazil in the sand

Brazil Para chases the Mikasa

Pedro Cunha of Brazil

Poland's Daniel Pilnski bumps

Kjell Schneider (right) at the net

Germany's Kjell Schneider (right) hits against Poland

Linyin Xu of China

New Zealanders Jason Lochhead (right) and Kirk Pitman

Where the ball Jason Lochhead (right) and Kirk Pitman of New Zealand

Playing in the sand - Kirk Pitman of New Zealnd

Jason Lochhead (right) of New Zealand hits against Linyin Xu of China

China's Linyin Xu cradles the Mikasa

New Zealand's Kirk Pitman (right) with the reception

Linyin Xu of China

Kjell Schneider at the net against Poland

Poland wins - Dariusz Parkitny

Poland's Dariusz Parkitny hitsat the net

Dariusz Parkitny of Poland with the toss

Poland's Emil Siewiorek with the toss

Dmitry Shaveka of Belarus

Come here my Mikasa - Poland's Emil Siewiorek

Latvia's Rusians Sorokins

Rusians Sorokins of Latvia with the reception