Men's Brazil Open 2004
Salvador, March 16 - 21

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Not Just in Southern California or Brazil!
When you talk about beach volleyball, it usually starts with discussions about "hot beds" of competition at the beaches in Southern California or on Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. To the causal observer, the top players must come from the United States or Brazil.

Yes, Brazil did have three of the top-ranked teams on the SWATCH-FIVB World Tour in 2003, but the Switzerland matched the South American country with three pairs listed among the top 10 tandems on the international beach volleyball tour.

"After being the first Swiss team to break through on the beach, it is great to see our country with three highly-ranked pairs," said Paul Laciga. "I think our success proved to other teams from Switzerland that they can compete internationally and make some money on the beach."

The older of the two Lacigas, Paul looks forward to returning to Olympics after placing fifth in 2000 at Sydney. "Despite not having a lot of podium placements last season, we did have some quality finishes last season," said Paul. "We played well in Sydney, except for five minutes over very bad volleyball that costs us a chance for a medal."

At the end of the 2003 SWATCH-FIVB World Tour, the Laciga brothers were ranked third internationally behind two teams from Brazil and ahead of Swiss rivals Stefan Kobel and Patrick Heuscher. Sascha Heyer and Markus Egger is the third team from Switzerland ranked at No. 10. All three Swiss teams won their opening matches Thursday in the US180,000 Brazilian Open.

"I think people are surprised to learn that Switzerland has three top-ranked beach volleyball teams in the world," said Heyer. "And don't forget about a fifth-place finish last week in the Swiss team in the FIVB women's opener in Fortaleza. "We are proud that we have been able to make a name for Swiss volleyball players internationally. Our country has not been that competitive indoors, but we have gained a lot of respect on the beach."
Press releases
Date Press release
21-Mar-2004 Emanuel & Ricardo Stop Swiss Tandem for Brazilian Open Gold
21-Mar-2004 Emanuel y Ricardo detiene a dupla suiza en la lucha del oro en Abierto Brasileño
21-Mar-2004 La médaille d'Or de l'Open du Brésil aux brésiliens Emanuel et Ricardo qui battent le tandem suisse
21-Mar-2004 Dieckmann's Injury Hands Bronze Medal to Argentina
21-Mar-2004 Lesión de Dieckmann le da la medalla de bronce a Argentina
20-Mar-2004 Brazil's Emanuel & Ricardo Earn Gold Medal Berth Versus Swiss Duo
20-Mar-2004 Brasileños Emanuel y Ricardo van por el oro ante dupla suiza
20-Mar-2004 Les brésiliens Emanuel et Ricardo disputeront la médaille d'Or à la paire suisse
20-Mar-2004 Dieckmann's Injury Nets Swiss Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Berth
20-Mar-2004 Lesión de Dieckmann le da a los suizos opción a la medalla de oro
19-Mar-2004 Four Elimination Bracket Wins Friday Net Argentinean Advancement
19-Mar-2004 Argentinos clasifican tras cuatro triunfos en eliminatorias
19-Mar-2004 Quatre victoires consécutives propulsent les Argentins en demi-finale
19-Mar-2004 Top-seeded Brazilians Roar Back Against Germans Enroute to Semis
19-Mar-2004 Brasileños mejor sembrados superan a alemanes y ya están en semifinales
18-Mar-2004 Estonia Team Eliminates Top-Rated Swiss Tandem
18-Mar-2004 Equipo de Estonia elimina a la mejor dupla suiza
18-Mar-2004 Les Estoniens éliminent les vedettes Suisses
18-Mar-2004 Australian & Cuban Teams Challenge Top-seeded Brazilians
18-Mar-2004 Equipos australianos y cubanos desafían a los brasileños número uno
18-Mar-2004 Australiens et Cubains défient les têtes de série Brésilienes
18-Mar-2004 No. 3 & Trying Harder
18-Mar-2004 Not Just in Southern California or Brazil!
17-Mar-2004 Brazilian Open Qualifier Features Upsets
17-Mar-2004 Clasificatorio del Abierto de Brasil arroja derrotas
17-Mar-2004 Tournure étonnante des qualifications au Brésil
16-Mar-2004 Canadian Switch Nets Beach Volleyball Results
16-Mar-2004 Buenos resultados canadienses en el Voleibol de Playa
16-Mar-2004 Bons résultats canadiens en Beachvolley
16-Mar-2004 Brazil, Norway & USA Teams Advance From Salvador Country Quota Playoffs
16-Mar-2004 Brésil, Norvège et Etats-Unis se mettent en avant dans les barrages à Salvador
16-Mar-2004 Equipos de Brasil, Noruega y EE UU avanzan en Salvador en el Playoff de cuota por países
15-Mar-2004 Salvador Beach Volleyball Event Opens Men's Season
15-Mar-2004 Torneo de Voleibol de Playa en Salvador abre la temporada masculina
15-Mar-2004 Ouverture à Salvador du Beach Volleyball masculin

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