Men's competition, Carolina
From 9 June To 13 June 2004

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Photo gallery

Pedro Cunha (left) and Para Ferreira of Brazil salute the crowd

Martin Conde of Argentina looks at his SWATCH on the podium

Pedro Cunha of Brazil earns is first open gold as Argentineans listen

The podium with Conde, Baracetti, Cunha, Para, Tande and Franco

The podium with Conde, Baracetti, Cunha, Para, Tande and Franco

Brazilian hug - Para left hugged by Cunha

Argentinean disappointment - Baracetti( left) and Conde

Para Ferreira of Brazil celebrates the win

Para Ferreira (left) celebrates Brazil gold with Pedro Cunha

Pedro Cunha (left) shows the joy of his victory with Para Ferreira

Pedro Cunha (left) shows the joy of his success

Mariano Baracetti of Argentina stretches for the Mikasa

Pedro Cunha of Brazil handles the attack

Mariano Baracetti of Argentina handles the serve

Martin Conde of Argentina on the attack

Mariano Baracetti of Argentina handles the Mikasa

USA's Jeff Nygaard hits into net as Martin Conde of Argentina blocks

Martin Conde grabs Mariano Baracetti (No. 1) after Argentina win

SWATCH reps (left to right) are Nadia Waltir, Mustafa Damra and Joan Riqueroa Friday

Canada's Mark Heese (left) goes for the ball with John Child

Jeff Nygaard of USA getting some air

Dain Blanton of the United States in the sand

Jeff Nygaard of the United States on the reception

USA's Jeff Nygaard prepares to serve

Marcio Araujo of Brazil extends himself

Benjamin Insfran of Brazil (left) is congratulated by Ramon Herandez of Puerto Rico

Ramon Hernandez of Puerto Rico receives

Raul Papaleo of Puerto Rico stretches for the Mikasa

Marcio Araujo of Brazil dives for the ball

Brazilians Benjamin Insfran (near right) and marcio Araujo ask the referee

Marcio Araujo of Brazil on the reception

Dax Holdren of the United States celebrates Julien Prosser's 32nd birthday Friday evening

Jeff Nygaard of USA misses a serve

Jeff Nygaard of USA hits past Raul Papaleo of Puerto Rico

Andrew Schacht of Australia asking for time

Aussies Andrew Schacht (1) and Joshua Slack go for the serve

USA's Jeff Nygaard receives

Raul Papaleo of Puerto Rico attempts block of USA's Dain Blanton

Raul Papaleo of Puerto Rico talking to the ball

USA's Dain Blanton digging out a serve

Gold Medallists Dain Blanton of the United States in action

Puerto Rican fans and SWATCH as play starts early Friday

Another Raul Papaleo of Puerto Rico pass

Raul Papaleo of Puerto Rico prepares a pass

Bernhard Vesti of Switzerland receives

Marcel Gscheidle of Switzerland looks at a shot

Bernhard Vesti of Switzerland hits the ball

Puerto Rican Amaury Velasco eyes the ball

Amaury Velasco of Puerto Rico asks for help

Netherlands Max Backer lifts the ball

Jody Holden of Canada digs

Benjamin Insfran of Brazil receives

Gerson Rorich of South Africa stretches for the ball

Stephen Van Zwieten receives the ball for USA tandem

USA's Van Zwieten's in action, Mark receives and Stephen moves

Jason Lochhead of New Zealand receivers the service

Milen Stoyanov of Bulgaria takes a break

Juan Rivera of Puerto Rico hits off Bulgarian block by Boris Yankov

Florian Gosch of Austria receivers the serve

Florian Gosch of Austria hits pass Israel Villalpando of Mexico

Bernhard Strauss of Austria in the Carolina sand

Adam Maskall of Australia (No. 1) gets excited with Matt Jones

Raul Papaleo of Puerto Rico practices set

Ramon Hernandez receives during practice

Ramon Hernandez hits at the net during practice

Ramon Hernandez receives with Raul Papaleo watching the practice reception

Puerto Rican practice - Raul Papaleo left and Ramon Hernandez right

Rick Stepanoff receivers with Jose Mieles moving" 4,mcar2004.04.jpg,

Jorge Gonzalez of Puerto Rico receivers with Anibal Martinez watching

Jorge Gonzalez of Puerto Rico blocks country rival Jose Mieles

David Quinonez of Puerto Rico with the reception