Women's German Grand Slam 2003
Berlin, 24 - 28 June

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Photo gallery

The winners podium

Ana Paula and Sandra Pires celebrate

The teams address their national flags

First place in Berlin Ana Paula (L) and Sandra Pires.

(L-R) McPeak and Youngs, Ana Paula and Sandra Pires, Shelda and Adriana

3rd place: Shelda and Adriana

McPeak receives

Anna Paula at full stretch

Brazilian winners Ana Paula (L) and Sandra Pires with their ice statue of the Brandenburg Gate

Brazilian winners Ana Paula (L) and Sandra Pires

(L-R) McPeak and Youngs, Ana Paula and Sandra Pires, Shelda and Adriana

Centre court action

McPeak retrieves

Sandra Pires stretches

McPeak of America in mid air

America's McPeak (L) and Youngs go for same ball

Centre court at the City Beach venue

Shooting wet towels into the overheated fans

May of America digs

Brazilian fans

America's May serves

Ball girl

City Beach venue in Berlin's Schlossplatz

City Beach venue in Berlin's Schlossplatz

American McPeak at full stretch

Youngs (R) and McPeak in semifinal action

Joy for Adriana of Brazil

Players rest in the Smart cars

Sandra Pires receives

Ana Paula sets

Ana Paula of Brazil and America's Walsh joust

Rau gets ready to serve

Germany's Rau sets for Pohl

Kerri Walsh and Misty May reach the semis

Walsh of America sets for her partner May

Jubilation for Sandra Pires of Brazil

Ana Paula of Brazil calls the play

Brazil's Sandra Pires

Japan's Kusuhara and Rau of Germany joust at the net

Australia's Cook (L) and Sanderson in their Smart car rest areas

Tokuno spikes, Germany's Pohl blocks

Japan's Tokuno digs

Into the last eight: Stephanie Pohl (L) and Okka Rau of Germany

Players enjoy mini Smart cars in Berlin

Grasset of Cuba dives for the ball

Peraza, Cuba gives the signal

Australia's Cook setting

Cuba tries to fend off attack by Sanderson

Australia's Sanderson poised to spike against Cuba

Sanderson, Australia celebrates a point

Australian pair Nicole Sanderson and Natalie Cook: big promises for 2003

USA's Kerri Walsh (L) and Misty May after more reason to celebrate in Berlin