Men's World Championship 2003
Rio de Janeiro, 14 - 19 October


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Photo gallery

Gold medalists Ricardo (L) and Emanuel

Podium: (L-R) Holdren-Metzger, Emanuel-Ricardo, Benajamin-Marcio Araujo

Emanuel (L) and Ricardo show thier trophy

Silver-medalists Dax Holdren (L) and Stein Metzger

Bronze medalists Benjamin Insfran and Marcio Henrique Araujo

Podium: (L-R) Holdren-Metzger, Emanuel-Ricardo, Benajamin-Marcio Araujo

Raising of the flags

The medalists with sponsors and officials

Medalists (L-R) Holdren-Metzger, Emanuel-Ricardo, Benajamin-Marcio Araujo

Podium: (L-R) Holdren-Metzger, Emanuel-Ricardo, Benajamin-Marcio Araujo with FIVB and Brazilian officials

Ricardo receives his gold medal

Norway's Vegard Hoidalen, winner of the SWATCH Fastest Service of the Year award

Emanuel (L) and Ricardo after winning the World Championships

Ricardo punches the air

Emanuel celebrates victory

Emanuel receives during the final

Stein Metzger sets

Ricardo (facing) hugs Emanuel

Holdren at full stretch

Ricardo shows good finger control

Emanuel sets for Ricardo

Emanuel display his defensive skills

America's Holdren reaches to receive

Emanuel points at his partner

Ricardo salutes the Brazilian fans

More action

Action from the final on center court in Rio

Fans wait for the final to begin

Brazilians fans

Final action on center court

Ricardo (L) blocks Holdren in the final

Center court on Copacabana

Giant Brazilian flag

Speactators in Rio

Parachutists above Copacabana

FIVB President Dr. RubÚn Acosta (R) and his wife Mal·

Brazilian fans

Pre-match entertainment

Dancing girls on center court in Rio

FIVB President Dr. RubÚn Acosta

(L-R) Senator Klaus Boger, Mr. Werner Moltke, Dr. RubÚn Acosta and Mr. Sinjin Smith at the Berlin press conference

Rio Beach fans

Stein Metzger of the USA gives Holdren a bear hug after reaching their first FIVB final

Holdren celebrates a spot in the Rio final

Brazil's Marcio Araujo sets

Semi-final center court action

Benjamin receives

Rio fans

America's Dax Holdren (L) blocks Brazils Benjamin Insfran

Center Court

TV view of Center Court

A giant banner

Mrs. Mal· Acosta with Rio city officials

Berlin Senator for Education, Youth and Sport Mr. Klaus Boger receives the FIVB banner from the city of Rio de Janeiro

Rio organizers with the FIVB's WorlD Championship banner

Fans unfurl a giant Brazil flag

Copacabana Beach venue

Exhibition game in Rio

Sinjin Smith sets

Sinjin Smith (L) after playing an exhibition game in Rio

Fans in Rio

(L-R) Mr. Ary Graþa, President of the Brazilian Volleyball Federation, FIVB President Dr. RubÚn Acosta and his wife Mal·

World ranking champions Ricardo (L) and Emanuel

Ricardo (L) and Emanuel receive their ranking award from FIVB President Dr. Ruben Acosta

POrtugal's Luis Migeul Maia

Center court on Copacabana

Center court on Copacabana

Brazilian Pedro Grael Brazao

American fans in Rio

Swiss Martin Laciga (R) blocks Brazil's Benjamin

America's Dax Holdren

American Stein Metzger (L) blocks Swiss Stefan Kobel in the quarter-finals

Brazil's Harley at full stretch

US Olympic champion Dain Blanton

Aerial view of the Copacabana venue

Aerial view of the Copacabana venue

Aerial view of the Copacabana venue

Aerial view of the Copacabana venue

Fans honour Ricardo and Emanuel

Ricardo (L) and Emanuel celebrate the World Tour ranking title

Ricardo hugs Emanuel (facing)

Emanuel celebrates winning the World Tour ranking title

Center court on Copacabana

Brazilian fans enjoy the water cannon

Ricardo celebrates

Last 16 action on Copacabana - Brazil v USA

Ricardo shows he's more than just a blocking machine

Emanuel receives in the quarter-final

America's Kevin Wong sets

Brazilian fans of Ricardo and Emanuel

Benjamin Insfran of Brazil

Brazil's Emanuel Rego

Brazilian Pedro Grael Brazao

Fabio de Jesus Megalhaes of Brazil

Harley (R) and Franco after making the last 16

Brazil's Franco reaches out

Harley celebrates

Paulo Emilio of Brazil

Harley at full stretch in defense

Brazil's Harley (L) jousts with compatriot Paulo Emilio

Portugal's Jaoa Carlos Brenha (L) and Maia after reaching the last 16

Italian Fabio Galli

Maia celebrates victory over Italy

Italian Riccardo Fenili

Italy's Riccardo Fenili (L) and Portugal's Luis Miguel Maia

Dieckmann reaches out in defense

Dieckmann receives, Reckermann looks on

Jonas Reckermann of Germany

USA's Jeff Nygaard sets for Blanton

Germany's Markus Dieckmann in defense

Olympic champion Dain Blanton of the USA

Hoidalen after reaching the last 16

Norway's Jorre Andre Kjemperud celebrates victory over Switzerland

Sascha Heyer

Heyer gets up to spike, Norway's Vegard Hoidalen blocks

Swiss Sascha Heyer

Ricardo of Brazil blocks Spain's Cotrino

Brazilian Anselmo Sigoli

Paul Laciga sets for brother Martin

Spain's Juan Garcia Thompson

Swiss fans on Copacabana

Brazi'ls Tande

Niki Berger of Austria

Doppler dives

Dagoberta Dultra of Brazil

Bellaguarda shows his agility

Austria's Clemens Doppler

Bellaguarda digs

Brazilian Jefferson Bellaguarda

Austrian fans in Rio

Argentina's Conde sets for Baracetti

American Stein Metzger

Entertainment village on Copacabana

Entertainment village on Copacabana

Entertainment village on Copacabana

Puerto Rico's Raul Papaleo

Maia of Portugal finger sets

Ramon Hernandez of Puerto Rico

Portugal's Jaoa Carlos Brenha

Brazilian Emanuel Rego

Ricardo (L) and Holden joust

Holden of Canada tries to evade Brazilian blocking machine Ricardo

Emanuel Rego of Brazil serves to Canada

Brazilian Ricardo blocks Leinemann of Canada

Paul Laciga sets

Paul Laciga of Switzerland reaches down to receive

Italian Fabio Galli serves

Brazilian Alexandre Tande Ramos

Japan's Satoshi pokes past Cunha of Brazil

Satoshi Watanabe of Japan

SWitzerland's Jorre Andre Kjemperud

Aussie Julien Prosser in defense

Emanuel bump sets

Top seeds Emanuel (L) and Ricardo

Ricardo of Brazil

German Jonas Reckermann

Cunha receives

Heuscher reacts too late to a spike

Brazil's Pedro Henrique Cunha

Heuscher receives

Swiss Patrick Heuscher

The side courts on Copacabana

Dain Blanton

Rogerio Para of Brazil

Blanton at full stretch

Brazil's Anselmo Sigoli

Olympic champion Dain Blanton of the USA

American Jeff Nygaard pokes against Brazil

Mark Heese of Canada

Conde finger sets

Canada's John Child

Baracetti sets

Argentina's Martin Conde dives as Mariano Baracetti looks on

Germany's Rademacher celebrates shock victory over Brazil

Rademacher serves

Harley sets

Rademacher (L) and Klemperer go for the same ball

German giant Nic Rademacher

Franco of Brazl (R) gets up to block Germany's Klemperer

Brazilian Harley serves