Men's US Grand Slam 2003
Los Angeles, 18 - 21 September


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Photo gallery

Men's and women's medallists

Bronze medallist Doble (L) and Whitmarsh

Silver-medallists Egger (L) and Heyer

LA champions Ricardo (L) and Emanuel

(L-R) Switzerland, Brazil and America

Winners interviewed by FOX Sports

LA winners Emanuel (L) and Ricardo

Switzerland's Sascha Heyer

Egger sets

MVP Ricardo calls the play

Swiss Egger receives

Emanuel fo Brazil sets

Sponsors fire T-shirts into the crowd

Ricardo (R) and Heyer in the LA final

A dejected Sascha heyer of Switzerland

Center court at Home Depot

The LA Lakers cheerleaders

Center court at the Home Depot Center

Ricardo gets up to block Egger

Emanuel serves

Sascha Heyer sets as Ricardo looks on

Swiss fans

Mike Whitmarsh's daughter Jaden

American Beach fans

Beach veteran Mike Whitmarsh prepars to serve

Niki Berger receives

America's Brent Doble

Doble spikes, Berger blocks

Austria's Niki Berger serves

Doppler and Doble joust

America's Doble evades block of Austrian Doppler

Ricardo scrambles in defense

Perfect technique from Emanuel

Niki Berger shows his reflexes

Ricardo receives in the semifinal

Back court maestro Emanuel receives

Emanuel checks on his exhausted partner Ricardo

Doppler sets for his partner

Brazil's Emanuel receives

Niki Berger shows good finger control

Austria's Niki Berger sets

Ricardo sets

Ricardo (R) spikes, Doppler blocks

Shooting more Beach

Holdren (L) and Metzger celebrate

Dax Holdren

Brazil's Ricardo (L) blocks Clemens Doppler of Austria

Shooting Beach

Stein Metzger

Holdren takes time out to clean his sunglasses

Stein Metzger of the USA

America's Dax Holdren

American Beach veteran Mark

Sydney 2000 Olympic champion Dane Blanton of the USA

Brent Doble of USA (R) and Markus Dieckmann

Germany's Jonas Reckerman sikes, Brent Doble of America blocks

Aussie Mark Williams in action against Portugal

Kevin Wong of the USA serves on center court

American Olympic champion Eric Fonoimoana

Guess who? Three-times Olympic champion Karch Kiraly

Portugal's Luis Miguel Maia

Los Angeles ball girl

Kiraly reaches out for a one-hand dig

Benjamin (L) blocks Wong

Brazil's Benjamin Insfran (R) and American Kevin Wong

Karch Kiraly dives to return

Aussie Josh Slack spikes, American Brent Doble blocks

Beach legend Karch Kiraly makes his return to FIVB action