Men's Spanish Open 2003
Mallorca, 03 - 07 September


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Photo gallery

A packed center court on Mallorca's C'an Pastilla Beach

The winners' podium with the Mallorca ball boys and birls

Araujo (L) and Benjamin receive their gold medals

The winners receive handshakes from the bronze medallists

Marcio Araujo salutes the crowd after winning the Mallorca title

Benjamin (facing) and Araujo celebrate their Mallorca victory

Marcio Araujo feels the strain in the marathon final

Benjamin (R) blocks Dieckmann

Benjamin (R) and Reckermann joust

Dieckmann (L) sets for Reckermann

German fans in Mallorca

Reckermann (R) looks on as Dieckmann digs

Bronze medallist Martin Conde of Argentina

Araujo waits to receive

Benjamin and Franco joust

Brazil's Benjamin

Araujo avoids Franco's block in the semis

Brazil's Marcio Araujo

Germany's Markus Dieckmann

Reckermann celebrates Germany's semifinal victory

Reckermann after another successful block against Argentina

Argentina's Baracetti jousts with Reckermann

Dieckmann and Reckermann (R) perform their celebratory low-five hand slap

Switzerland's Martin Laciga attempts to block Brazil's Benjamin Insfran

Brazilian fans during the all-Brazilian quarterfinal

Germany's Markus Dieckmann celebrates reaching the semifinals in Mallorca

Cuba's Rossel gets up to block Brink of Germany

Puerto Rico's Papaleo spikes against Argentina

Germany's Schneider spikes against Cuba

Rosell gets impressive air during Cuba's victory over Germany

Spain's Cotrino (L) and Garcia Thompson after qualifying for the last 16

Schneider of Germany blocks Cuba's Rosell

Germany's Julius Brink

Austrians Bernhard Strauss (L) and Florian Gosch

Calling the shots on C'an Pastilla Beach

Germany's Kjell Schneider seeks confirmation from a referee

Beach fan in Mallorca

Scheuerpflug and Christoph Dieckmann celebrate victory over Russia

Andy Scheuerpflug of Germany receives

Germany's Jonas Reckermann fails to block against Cuba

Aussie Andy Schacht sets up his partner Josh Slack

Strauss of Austria sets for Gosch

Austria's Flo Gosch celebrates a point

Martin Laciga sets for his brother Paul

Swiss Martin Laciga blocks John Child of Canada

Norway's Tarjei Skarland in diving action

Dutchman Sander Mulder (L) jousts with Norway

Rademacher (L) and Klemperer wait to receive

Klemperer sets for Rademacher

Germany's Nik Rademacher retrieves for David Klemperer

Spain take on Austria in qualifying

Italy's Tomatis sets for Mercanti

Tomatis is blocked at the net

San Marino's Tabarini twins

Italy's Tomatis (L) and Mercanti

Germany's Rademacher (L), coach Niklas Hildenbrand and Klemperer

America's Clark sets for McCaw

Clark of America jousts with Greece

America's McCaw sets for Clark