Men's Austrian Grand Slam 2003
Klagenfurt, 30 July - 3 August


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Photo gallery

The winner's podium

1st: Benjamin-Marcio Araujo 2nd: Metzger-Wong 3rd: Heuscher-Kobel

Gold medal winners Benjamin and Marcio Araujo

Benjamin collects his second World Tour title

Marcio Araujo celebrates victory in the final

Benjamin on full attack

Tit ofr tat action between Wong and Benjamin

Marcio Araujo spikes in the final

A lovel dig from Wong

Wong sets

Wong receives

Kevin Wong spikes into the defense of Blanton

Dain Blanton receives

Marcio Araujo celebrates reaching the final

Benjamin gives the signal

Kobel receives

Great reception from Marcio Araujo

Marcio Araujo serves

Benjamin spikes against Switzerland's Kobel

The passionate fans at Klagenfurt

Joy for Nik Berger

Berger (L) and Doppler celebrate last-16 place

Berger sets

Baracetti calls the play

Berger sets for Clemens Doppler

Martin Conde digs

Baracetti (L) blocks Berger

Austria's Nik Berger


Center court

Schroffenegger blocks Dultra

Dagoberto Dultra of Brazil


Xerox's body-paint girl

Water time

Tom Schroffenegger

Schroffenegger brothers celebrate place in last 16

Austria's Paul Schroffenegger (R) and Dultra of Brazil

Conde (R) hugs Baracetti

Scheurpflug blocks Baracetti

Germany's Scheurpflug jousts with Argentina's Conde

Argentina fans

Water cannon times

Argentina's Mariano Baracetti

Andy Schacht receives

Net action

Aussies Josh Slack (R) and Andrew Schacht

Center court action

A flying Robert Nowotny

Gartmayer serves

Austria v Norway

Norway's Bjorn Maaseide sets

Austria's Robert Nowotny

Dancing girls

Gartmayer sets for Nowotny

Gartmayer (L) blocks Maaseide of Norway


Gartmayer (facing) and Nowotny of Austria

Austria's Gartmayer (R) blocks Swede Horrem

Austrian action

Russian action

Austria v Russia

Austrian action

Center court in Klagenfurt

Russia v Austria in qualifying

Beach fans

Austria v Russia

Russia v Austria in qualifying

Water cannon girl

Swede Hannes Brinkborg

Julien Prosser digs

Prosser (R) blocks Brinkborg

Australia's Williams (R) blocks Brinkborg of Sweden