Men's German Grand Slam 2003
Berlin, 25 - 29 June


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Photo gallery

The prizes and the podium at the German Grand Slam in Berlin

Brazil's Franco (L) and Harley with their Berlin gold medals

(left to right) Conde, Baracetti ARG; Franco, Harley BRA; Emanuel BRA; Reckermann GER; Ricardo BRA; M.Dieckmann GER

Franco and the taste of success

Celebration time with the champagne

Teams take in the national anthems

Congratulations to the winners Harley and Franco

Franco and Harley hold aloft their trophies

Brazilian fans salut their heroes

2nd place: Agrentina's Conde and Baracetti on the podium

3rd place: Emanuel and Ricardo from Brazil

FIVB General Manager Mr Jean-Pierre Seppey

Franco and Harley rejoice in winning the final

A happy Harley

Harley is ecstatic at the win

A pumped up Harley

Harley at full stretch

Conde at full stretch

Conde(l) and Baracetti go for the same ball

It's all action in Berlin

Baracetti spikes past Harley

City Beach venue in Berlin's Schlossplatz

Ricardo receives

The Brazilian fans are here to party

City Beach venue in Berlin's Schlossplatz

Baracetti receives

Great dig from Conde

Reckermann serves

Reckermann in perfect serving position

Baracetti spikes against Reckermann

Brazil's Harley reaches his second World Tour final

The perfect set by Harley

Harley serving

Harley aims to tip over Benjamin

Harley spikes against Benjamin

Paul Laciga at full stretch

Dieckmann M. receives

Martin Laciga celebrates the first set win

The SWATCH-FIVB attracts a lot of interest and a lot of photographers

Paul Laciga in prime setting position

Martin Laciga (L) receives with his brother Paul looking on

A happy Paul Laciga

Switzerland's Paul Laciga sets

Ricardo sets for Benjamin (L)

Brazil's Ricardo

Recording the action

Joy for Harley (L) and Franco

Harley (L) and Franco after reaching the semis

Araujo receives

Joust between Benjamin and Franco (L)

Brazilian players watch the action

Franco (L) and Harley

Brazil's Harley prepares to receive

Brazil's Harley

Benjamin receives

Benjamin (L) and Araujo of Brazil

Brazil's Franco celebrates semifinal place

Holdren receives

Krank and Holdren

Krank and Holdren

German Krank jousts with Fonoimoana (L)

Holdren serves

America's Holdren spikes

Germany's Hager (L) and USA's Fonoimoana

Crucial pool win for Swiss Kobel pair Heuscher and Kobel (R)

Aussie Schacht receives

Swiss fans

Swiss pair Kobel (L) and Heuscher

Switzerland's Heuscher

Aussie Schacht digs

Slack sets for Aussie partner Schacht (L)

Australian Slack spikes as Heuscher tries to block

Germany's Markus Dieckmann stretches

Brazil's Paulao

Smart cars popular with players and officials in Berlin

Players in Berlin parade past historic site in individual Smart cars

Argentina's Martin Conde poised to receive

Fonoimoana, USA, goes up against Mariano Baracetti

Baracetti and Conde in form at Berlin

Puerto Rico's Raul Papaleo (R) and Ramon Hernandez celebrate qualification