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Men's Brazilian Open 2002
Fortaleza, 1-5/6 October


Fortaleza is the capital of the Brazilian state Ceará, on the eastern Brazilian coast.

The creation of the municipality of Fortaleza took place in 1726, when the population of the Fort became a village. Only in 1823, Emperor Dom Pedro I elevated the village to a city category. During the Second Empire, the Intendant Antonio Rodrigues Ferreira and the architect Adolfo Herster created many urban structures, transforming Fortaleza into one of the major cities in Brazil.

During recent years, Fortaleza - with its 2,3 million inhabitants - encountered a boom in tourism as well as in other parts of economy. 
It is a large and modern city where new architecture contrasts with beautiful beaches and tall coconut palms. 

 On the beaches, visitors can see typical "jangadeiros" (fishermen who take to the seas in their rugged "Jangadas" (crude sailing rafts traditionally used for fishing in the region).   Fortaleza is also well known for its artisan's open-air market and is the hometown of great players such as Shelda and Franco.

It will be the seventh World Tour event for Fortaleza as the host city.  The city hosted the Men’s World Tour four times from 1994 to 1997, and the Women’s World Tour for two years for the seasons 2000 and 2001 and returns again to the men for this 2002 edition. 

The event, as always in Brazil, is expected to attract huge crowd and a carnivalè atmosphere.

Last year's Podium  (Women only event)
1 Adriana Behar-Shelda BRA
2 McPeak- Walsh USA
3 Masakayan-DeNocochea USA

Arco de Iracema

Catedral Metropolitana

Praia do Futur