FIVB Beach Volelyball World Cup Final 2013

World Cup Final 2013 | 29 May - 2 June 2013


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Rivals Brazil, USA discuss World Cup Final

Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal beat Emanuel Rego and Alison Cerutti

Campinas, Brazil, May 28, 2013 - Brazil and United States have one of the main rivalries in the beach volleyball history. One more chapter of this history will happen between May 29 and June 2nd in Campinas, Brazil. Pairs of both countries will play the World Cup Final that will define the country champion of the Continental Cup.


Brazil will be represented by the pair runner up in London, Alison/Emanuel in the men´s side and by Maria Elisa/Talita, in the women´s side. In the other hand, United States will come to Campinas with Gibb/Patterson, pair that won the Beijing leg of the FIVB World Tour and Kessy/Ross, silver medalists in the last Olympic Games.


The rivalry between both countries was one of the high points of the FIVB World Tour played in Corrientes, Argentina, last week. In the men´s side, Alison/Emanuel lost by Gibbs/Patterson. The situation was inverse in the women´s side. Kessy/Ross lost two times for Brazilian pairs.


On Tuesday, pairs from both countries participated of a meeting with the journalists in Campinas, where the players discussed their rivalry, London Olympic Games, plans and World Cup Final.  

Alison Cerutti

On Brazil vs. United States

"The competition is very strong. We have great respect in and out of court with the Americans. However, their lost to Argentina was very bad. US and Brazil is always a great rivalry, but have other strong teams here as the duo from Latvia, who finished third in London, and Germany. "

On the 2013 season

"It's been a year of many changes with the emergence of the selection. We also had an injury that hurt us a bit and we couldn't compete for one month. We lost the first two stages of the World Tour in China and played last week in Argentina. The objective of our team after London is on track. Rather than having to reduce the workload at the end of last year, we are starting this year with a vengeance."

On the World Cup Final

"The Continental Cup is the prize of everything we did as a team and won in recent years."

Emanuel Rego 

On his US Idol

"When I started playing, the great idol of my generation was Karch Kiraly, who was a gold medalist twice in court before coming to the beach. I had the opportunity to play against him when I worked at Circuit U.S. It was a very productive experience, and I learned so much about how to play professionally. I'm very grateful for these games against him."

On the Brazil vs. United States rivalry 

"Brazil and the United States are the best schools in the world for beach volleyball. With this structure we are having after the London Olympics, I believe this will not change. These countries are always bringing something new. We faced Gibb/Patterson in Argentina and we will play against them again here. Our rivalry will continue. I believe that beach volleyball has all this intensity because these two countries."

Casey Patterson

On Alison/Emanuel

"Addressing Alison/Emanuel was a really cool experience for me. I've watched them compete for a long time, especially Emanuel, who is a legend of the sport! Facing them is a privilege. When we won against them in Corrientes, I was very excited. It was really cool beat him the first time we competed. I'm very excited about the opportunity to face him again. It's going to be a great show for everyone here."

On the Continental Cup

"The Continental Cup is something really good for beach volleyball. It's good for all the teams to have a chance to play a big tournament, and it's good for the federations and the players who have the opportunity to play at a higher level. It's a great chance to face the best teams in the lot."

April Ross

On the  Brazil vs. United States rivalry 

"The crowd will usually be for the Brazilian teams here in Campinas. Brazilians are passionate about volleyball and demonstrate it with support for their players. We know we have to focus on the game. Talita and Maria Elisa are a really strong team. They parted in World Tour and the two new teams are very good. We lost to these new pairs together and they are probably even better. Hopefully we can face the Brazilians in the final."

On playing in Brazil

"It's always great to come to Brazil to play volleyball. I've played in Rio, Brasilia and São Paulo, but it's my first time in Campinas. It's very nice to be in a new city. The food here is very good and the hotel is great. We are very motivated for the World Cup Final."

On the World Cup Final

"The teams who played the 2012 London Olympics are back to play in the World Cup Final. We have four teams in our group who are all very strong. The best of the beach volleyball world is here."

Jennifer Kessy

On the  Brazil vs. United States rivalry 

"I think every time the United States and Brazil compete it's a good game. There is always a lot of intensity, with all the heat and history. Battling is always a lot of fun. We faced two Brazilian teams in Corrientes and both matches were very hard, in which were within two points of victory. We face Brazil again here, but we'll work hard to get that victory."

On the Continental Cup

"I think that the Continental Cup is a very interesting concept. It's definitely making the beach volleyball grow in areas that the sport has never seen. Earlier, it was difficult for the United States  to understand that, because we are so immersed in volleyball beach we just were not thinking about the game in Africa, for example. We now understand how important this is for the sport."


The Continental Cup began in 2010 as part of the qualification process for the 2012 London Olympics, and will have its final stage in Brazil.

For the men, the 10 countries that will compete for the title are Brazil, Germany, United States, Latvia, Switzerland (countries with two doubles at the London Games), Japan, South Africa, Norway, Venezuela and Canada (sorted by local phase of the Continental Cup).

In females, the countries include Brazil, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy (countries with two doubles at the London Games), Australia, Mauritius, Russia, Argentina, Canada (sorted by local phase of the Continental Cup).



1) Gibb / Patterson (United States)

2) Alison / Emanuel (Brazil)

3) Erdmann / Matysik (Germany)

4) Plavins / Smedins, J. (Latvia)

5) Chevallier / Kovatsch (Switzerland)

6) Eithun / Horrem (Norway)

7) Saxton / Schalk (Canada)

8) Jackson / Leon (Venezuela)

9) Aoki / Ogawa (Japan)

10) Williams / Fredericks (South Africa)


1) Maria Elisa / Talita (Brazil)

2) Ross / Kessy (United States)

3) Cicolari / Orsi Toth (Italy)

4) Holtwick / Semmler (Germany)

5) Kolocova / Slukova (Republic Theca)

6) Ukolova / Khomyakova (Russia)

7) Bawden / Clancy (Australia)

8) Bansley / Maloney (Canada)

9) Seerungen / Bauda (Mauritius)

10) Gallay / Zonta (Argentina)

* From Campinas, Daniel Leal and Vicente Condorelli

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