Stare Jablonki has been one of the most popular venues since joining the FIVB Beach Volleyball World
Tour as an Open tournament for men in 2004, when the competition was won by Brazil’s Ricardo Santos
and Emanuel Rego.
It continued as an Open tournament for men only until
when it became a mixed gender event and Ana Paula
and Shelda Bede of Brazil were the first women to win
With the success and popularity of the tournament, the
FIVB awarded Stare Jablonki Grand Slam status in 2010.
Brazil’s Juliana Felisberta and Larissa França became the
first to win the women’s competition, while USA’s Phil
Dalhausser and Todd Rogers took gold for the men.
For the World Championships, the old stadium has been
bulldozed completely and a new 9,000 seat venue built
specifically for the tournament as well as a second court
with 3,000-seat capacity. Away from centre court there are
three side courts, which will feature play from all rounds up
to and including the quarterfinals.
Poland is a country steeped in passion for beach volleyball
and volleyball. Away from Stare Jablonki Myslowice, near
Krakow, regularly organises an Open tournament and
this year played host to the inaugural FIVB U23 Beach
Volleyball World Championships. In 2014 Poland will host
the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship.