Does beach volleyball use hawk-eye
technology, or something similar?
The FIVB is continuing to look into using such technology
in the future but currently hawk-eye, or similar technology,
is not used.
What is the average length of a match?
A typical game consists of 100 rallies or around 45 minutes.
Is the ball the same as volleyball?
No, it is heavier, bigger and less inflated in order to be
slower for greater control.The colours, patterns and type of
production are also different.
When was beach volleyball first introduced
to the Olympic Games programme?
At the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It was a sell-out and since then
the tournament has become one of the most popular sporting
events to attend. At London 2012 the sport made headline
news around the world and TV coverage of the beach
volleyball matches had high ratings throughout the Games.
Are players professional or amateur?
Top world-ranked players are professional.
What is the Volleyball Heroes campaign
The Volleyball Heroes looks to celebrate the athletes
currently competing at the top of the sport. In total there
are 33 volleyball and 29 beach volleyball heroes from 19
countries who were selected thanks to their outstanding
performances on and off the court.
What do the signals mean in beach
Signals are meant to coordinate a strategy between
players. One index finger behind the back means the
blocker will take the line parallel to the outside of the court
while the player at the back covers the diagonal angle.Two
index fingers means the blocker takes the diagonal while
the player at the back covers the shot down the line. Other
signals are established to implement tactics which are
meant to exploit the opponents’ weaknesses.
Does a blocking touch count as a touch?
Yes. A touch at the net by a person blocking counts as one
touch in beach volleyball meaning the blocking team will
have only two more hits after a block contact.
Do you have to have special sand for the
Yes. A top quality, clean sand, which is tested in a
specialised laboratory in Canada.
What is the homologation process for the sand?
The sand is sent to an FIVB laboratory for testing. The
recommended sand requirements must have the following
physical properties: Be naturally weathered, sub angular/
rounded and not be acquired from a crushed rock source.
Full sand requirements can be found on page 65 of the
FIVB Beach Volleyball Handbook.
How deep is the sand?
FIVB regulations stipulate a minimum of 40cm.
What is the size of the free zone around the
playing court?
The free zone is 6m from the sideline and end lines of the
playing court. FIVB regulations stipulate a minimum of 5m.
How many time outs are teams allowed?
Each team in entitled to one time out of 30 seconds
duration per set. An additional automatic time out takes
place in sets one and two when the combined points total
equals 21.