Do men and women receive equal Prize
Which countries are growing the fastest in
terms of beach volleyball?
Brazil, USA, China, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, The
Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Australia and
Russia all have a sizeable presence at most tournaments.
However, the introduction of the Beach Volleyball
Continental Cup has introduced more countries to the
sport, so come the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games
the gap between the top level teams and the developing
nations should have narrowed even further, creating even
more competition for Olympic honours.
Why isn’t mixed beach volleyball played?
Firstly, the net is at a different height for men and women
and, secondly, the speed in which the game is played
differs between the two genders. However, that’s not to
say people cannot enjoy the game as a mixed-sport at the
amateur level.
Do all beach volleyball players come from
While some volleyball players have made the transition –
Athens and Beijing women’s gold medallist Kerri Walsh,
who played volleyball at the Sydney Olympics, is just one
example – beach volleyball has such a presence now that it
is attracting professional players who have dedicated their
life to the sport.
Is beach volleyball always played on
Not at all. You will see some venues located in the middle
of town squares (Berlin), amongst the mountains (Gstaad),
lake side (Klagenfurt, Stare Jablonki) and in tennis facilities
Rome, Prague). The backdrop to many beach volleyball
tournaments often adds to the event.
Why does the FIVB force the women to play
in bikinis?
It doesn’t. Previously there were two uniform choices for
female players, a one-piece bathing suit or a bikini with a
maximum side width of 7cm while full body suits could also
be used under the bikini in cold weather. Now, there are
two extra choices. Players can wear shorts of a maximum
length of 3cm above the knee with sleeved or sleeveless
tops or a full body suit. This is to respect the customs and/
or religious beliefs of countries.
Do beach volleyball teams have captains?
Yes. Usually indicated on the score sheet, the captain is
responsible for the coin toss among other things.
Is a ball on the line in or out?