The Beach Volleyball Calendar comprises the
annual FIVB World Tour, along with the World
Championships, the Continental Cup and other
FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour
The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour – an annual series
of international beach volleyball tournaments with men’s
and women’s competitions – was first organised in 1989
with just three participating countries (Brazil, Japan and
Italy). Currently in its 24
season, a new philosophy was
introduced to the World Tour in 2013 to create more
opportunities for players as well as a sustainable beach
volleyball event structure.
This year there are 10 FIVB World Tour Grand Slams –
representing an increase from eight events in 2012 and six
in 2011 – which will take place across four of the five FIVB
Confederations in nine different countries. The first Grand
Slam of the year took place in Shanghai, China from April
to May 5 and the final event will be held in São Paulo,
Brazil from October 9 to 13.
FIVB Beach Volleyball Opens
As part of the new development strategy focused on the
new Olympic cycle, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour
Council decided that FIVB Beach Volleyball Opens would no
longer be part of the World Tour in 2013, putting in place
an intermediate property that provides more opportunities
for athletes worldwide to play.
With a total of seven FIVB Beach Volleyball Opens in the
calendar comprising five double-gender and two
women-only tournaments, there are plenty of possibilities
for athletes to partake in high quality, international
The FIVB Open tournaments get underway in the sunny
surrounds of Fuzhou in south-east China from April 24
to 28 and conclude in South Africa’s surf capital, Durban
from December 12 to 15. Other FIVB Open tournaments in
include Kampala in Uganda, Vizag in India, Phuket in
Thailand, Anapa in Russia and Xiamen in China.
FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships
Staged every two years, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World
Championships feature the brightest stars of the FIVB Beach
Volleyball World Tour, with 48 teams in each gender taking
part. The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships
Rome 2011 took place in the Italian capital from June 13
to 19 with total prize money of $1 million. It was won by
Brazil’s Juliana Felisberta Da Silva and Larissa França in the
women’s competition and compatriots Emanuel Rego and
Alison Cerutti in the men’s contest. The 2013 FIVB Beach
Volleyball World Championships will take place in Stare
Jablonki, Poland from July 1 to 7.