Under 19 & 21
World Championships


  Rio de Janeiro  2005   Women's Junior World Championship
07.09.2005 -  10.09.2005

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Photo gallery

The U-21 women's podium (left to right) - Semmler, Flemig, Camillinha, Carolina, Stefanie & Doris Schwaiger

Camillinha (left) and Carolina of Brazil

The winners are Camillinha (left with trophy) and Carolina

Brazilian hug from Isabel (Carolina's mother) with Camillinha (left) and Carolina

A kiss from mother Isabel (right) with Carolina

Brazilian Carolina Solberg Salgado

Carolina (left) celebrates with Camillinha

Brazilian cheers for Carolina

Fans & Flags

Camillinha of Brazil

Camillinha (left) against Germany's Ruth Flemig

Camillinha (right) at the net with Ilka Semmler of Germany

Camillinha & the championship cup

Camillinha cheers

Camillinha (right) against Ilka Semmler of Germany

Carolina Solberg Solgado (left) sets for Brazilian partner Camillinha Saldanha

Ilka Semmler of Germany

Flemig of Germany with the set

Germany's Ruth Flemig (right) against Stefanie Schwaiger of Austria

Ruth Flemig (left) of Germany against Austria's Doris Schwaiger

At the net for Swiss Nadine Zumkehr (right) against Brazil's Camillinha Saldanha

Carolina Solberg Salgado (top) congratulates Camillinha Saldanha

Brazilian attack by Camillinha Saldanha (left)

Brazil's Camillinha Saldanha (left) against Nadine Zumkehr of Switzerland

Copacabana action for Aleksandra Theis of Poland (left) and Doris Schwaiger of Austria

Doris Schwaiger (left) of Austria against Poland's Karolina Michalkiewicz

Aleksandra Theis (left) of Poland hits against Stefanie Schwaiger of Austria

Polish celebration for Aleksandra Theis (left) and Karolina Michalkiewicz

German reception for Jana Kohler (right) as Laura Ludwig watches

Nadine Zumkehr (left) of Switzerland blocks against Jana Kohler (1) of Germany

Jana Kohler (left) of Germany and Muriel Graessli of Switzerland

Germany's Laura Ludwig (left) crosses hands with Muriel Graessli of Switzerland

Celebration for Carolina (1) and Camillinha

Carolina Solberg Salgado (front) and Camillinha of Brazil

Brazil's Camillinha Saldanha (left) against Julia Caldes of Brazil

The Austrian sisters Schwaiger - Stefanie (left) and Doris

Camillinha Saldanha (left) of Brazil against Russia's Galina Boyko

Brazilian Camillinha

Carolina Solberg Salgado of Brazil

Julia Caldes (left) and Isabel Grael of Brazil

Brazil's Julia (left) against Maloes Wesselink of the Netherlands

Julia Caldes (left) and Isabel Grael of Brazil

Camillinha Saldanha of Brazil

Carolina Solberg Salgado (left) of Brazil against Cristina Hopf of Spain

Camillinha Saldanha of Brazil

Doris Schwaiger (left) of Austria and Julia Caldes of Brazil

Austria's Stefanie Schwaiger (left) against Julia Caldes of Brazil

Austrian (left) and Brazilian coaches with players

Brazil's Carolina (left) and Camillinha (right) with Poland's Katarzyna Urban

Dutch receive post-match congratulations from Brazilians (left to right) Julia, Van Iersel, Isabel and Wesselink

Julia Caldas (left) of Brazil blocks against Marleen Van Iersel of the Netherlands

Julia Caldas (right) awaits slap from Brazilian partner Isabel Grael

Isabel Grael (left) of Brazil and Netherland's Maloes Wesselink

Brazil's Carolina Solberg Salgado (left) hits against Joanna Wiatr of Poland

Carolina Solberg Salgado (right) of Brazil against Poland

Brazilian CCs - Camillinha (2) and Carolina

Brazil's Carolina Aragao ponders

Carolina Solberg Salgado of Brazil

Brazil's Camillinha

Camillinha Saldanha of Brazil

Barbara Figueiredo (left) against Brazilian rival Carolina Solberg Salgado

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