Under 19 & 21
World Championships


  Rio de Janeiro  2005   Men's Junior World Championship
07.09.2005 -  11.09.2005

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Photo gallery

The podium with presenters (left to right) - Henriquez, Villafane, Plavins, Samoilovs, Koshkarev and Prokopiev

Gold medal winners Plavins (left) and Samoilovs of Latvia

Silver medal winners Henriquez and Villafane of Venezuela

Bronze medal winners Koshkarev and Prokopiev of Russia

Backflip for Latvia's Aleksandrs Samoilovs

Jesus Villafane (right) of Venezuela with a Mikasa dig

Martins Plavins (left) and Aleksandrs Samoilovs celebrate victory at press centre

Latvia's Martins Plavins (right) at the net against Venezuela's Jackson Henriquez

Golden Latvians - Plavins (left) hugged by Samoilovs

Latvia winners Martins Plavins (left) and Aleksandrs Samoilovs

Yaroslav Koshkarev (center) of Russia

Russian reception by Prokopiev

Serguei Prokopiev (left) and Yaroslav Koshkarev of Russia

Brazilian crowd on Copacabana

Venezuela's Jackson (left) and Fane

Jesus Villafane of Venezuela

Martin Tichy (right) of the Czech Republic against Jackson

Venezuela's Jackson Henriquez

Russia's Serguei Prokopiev (left) and Yaroslav Koshkarev

Pedro Solberg Salgado of Brazil celebrates

Pedro (right) dives for the Mikasa as Tiago watches

Tiago Santos of Brazil

Serguei Prokopiev (left) of Russia against Brazil's Vin+ícius Santos

More Koshkarev (left) and Bruno

Yaroslav Koshkarev (right) of Russia blocks against Bruno Oscar Schmidt of Brazil

Russians Serguei Prokopiev (1) and Yaroslav Koshkarev

Tim Oude Elferink (left) of the Netherlands' against Tiago Santos of Brazil

Brazil's Pedro (left) against Tim Oude Elferink of the Netherlands

Pedro Solberg Salgado (left) of Brazil with Tiago Santos

Mexico's Ulises Ontiveros

Ulises Ontiveros (right) of Mexico against Bruno of Brazil

Bruno (right) of Brazil against Mexico's Arturo Flores

Brazil's Bruno Oscar Schmidt

Germany's Thomas Kaczmarek against Poland

Thomas Kaczmarek (right) of Germany and Poland's Rafal Szternel

Brazilian block by Tiago

Brazilian block attempt by Tiago against Spain's Francisco Marcos

Tiago Santos (center) of Brazil against Christian Garcia of Spain

Brazil's Pedro Hits

Pedro Solberg Salgado of Brazil

Czech Republic's Paval Kolar

Bruno (left) with Brazilian partner Vinicius

Bruno Oscar Schmidt in the sand as Brazilian partner Vin+ícius Santos watches

Digging the Mikasa for Bruno of Brazil

Brazil's Bruno Oscar Schmidt

USA Andy Northness

Connor Hastings (left) and USA partner Andy Northness

Janis Smedins (2) of Latvia with the block attempt against Russia

Stefan Uhmann (right) of Germany attempts block against Grzegorz Jaruga of Poland

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