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Kampala OPEN | 25 - 29 September 2013


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Kampala prepares to host beach volleyball Open

Kampala will become the first city in east Africa to host an FIVB event, with the double gender Kampala Open

Kampala, Uganda, August 19, 2013 – Preparations underway in Lugogo, the site of the Kampala Beach Volleyball Open, which is set to take place from September 24 to 29. 

Kampala will become the first city in east Africa to host an FIVB event, with the double gender Kampala Open, which will be held on the grounds of the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) on a specialised court with high quality Redhill 28 sand.

The courts are currently being constructed and the tournament is expected to attract 24 countries from around the world. As of last Thursday, 80% of the sand had already arrived in the country, with the rest to follow soon. 

Eddie Okila, from the House of Talent promoters, expressed his delight at securing the UMA venue, saying, “We are very glad that we have reached an understanding with UMA for this location,” said Okila. 

“This is the most ideal location for the games, because it is within easy reach of all concerned parties from within Uganda as well as for the visiting teams and spectators who are mostly expected to reside within the town centre.”

“We are going to start building up the courts as per the FIVB requirements as soon as we finalise contracts with our suppliers for the construction. That should be kicking off any moment now.”  

Uganda’s capital will host the fourth of five double-gender Open events in 2013. Kampala is a city of 1.72 million people located in the central south of the country, close to the northern shore of Lake Victoria.

The tournament is a major boon for the region, which has slowly been improving its levels of play and organisation in the sport and is now ready to take the next step by hosting a top-level event. Beach volleyball has been growing in popularity in the country over the last couple of years with the participation of Ugandan teams in the London Prepares Test Event in 2011 as well as the Continental Cup.

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