Saturday, 21 October 2017
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AVC Beach Volleyball Continental Cup

 AVC Continental Cup Sub Zonal Tournament of Southeastern Asia, Pool A (THA, VIE,LAO)    |    Women     |    1/12/2010 - 3/12/2010


Country Teams Player 1 Player 2 Seeding
LAO LAO Douangsavanh-Nanthavong Phonedany Douangsavanh Pany Nanthavong 0
LAO LAO Orasa-Vongsaya Phimphone Orasa Chanhaloun Vongsaya 0
THA THA Kulna-Phokongploy Kamoltip Kulna Yupa Phokongploy 120
THA THA Tenpaksee-Sannok Usa Tenpaksee Jarunee Sannok 60
VIE VIE N. Mai-T. Yen Nguyen Thi Mai Truong Thi Yen 0
VIE VIE Hai Phong-Ng. Loan Do Thi Hau Ngo Vo Thanh Loan 0