FIVB Beach Volelyball Continental Cup 2014-2016



The Beach Volleyball Continental Cup is a country versus country Olympic qualifying event for continents staged from and disputed at continental levels (subzone, zone, final). The five winners of the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup – one from each Continent - will qualify for the Olympics.

• Several levels of events
• A three-season event in many locations with many participants
• Implement events and development programs involving National Federations and Continental Confederations
• The FIVB to financially support the organizers and participants in the first phases of the tournament

• To develop beach volleyball on a worldwide scale
• To generate more opportunities for athletes to become professionals in the sport
• To provide additional opportunities for countries/NFs to obtain quota place(s) to the 2012 London Olympic Games

2014 – 2016 Edition
Reaching the whole world through beach volleyball.
• Three Years of competitions
• Five Continents participating
• 198 National Federations taking part
• 103 Tournaments to be held worldwide


• Two phases leading into a Continental Cup Final Phase
• Double gender events
• Separate Men & Women Competitions
• 2 teams per country per gender composed of two players each
• Playing Country v Country, in “best-of-three” or “best-of-five” format. Defined by the respective Confederation.
• In the case of tie, one golden match or as an alternative a golden set up to 15 points (with a two point lead) can be played by the athletes designated by each country.

In the case a "golden set" has to be played the Head of the Delegation / captain of the country decides which athlete plays. Optional: this match or Golden Set can be played in any combination of the 4 players from the same country.

The golden set is a single game played to 15 to decide a match. It is the third set of a best of three match that is tied 1-1 in beach volleyball

FIVB Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Olympic Qualification
The FIVB World Continental Cup Olympic Qualification is played by the 2nd and 3rd ranked countries from each Beach Volleyball Continental Cup Final. This tournament will qualify two places per gender to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


Best of 3 matches Best of 5 matches

Golden set Golden match