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Seoul Challenger 2011 | Women
  16/06/2011 - 19/06/2011


General Info
Main draw teams hotel

Name : Hotel Prima
Address : 52-3, Cheongdam-Dong, Kangnamgu, Seoul, Korea
Tel : 82-2-6006-9114
Fax : 82-2-544-8523
Contact person : Dong-Ri Lim(Manager)

Mobile : +82-10-4569-2257
Email : victor727@hanmail.net
Homepage : www.prima.co.kr

Hotel cost
The promoter will provide accomodation (from one day before competition) and meals for players (MD,QT).

Number of bus: No. 6010 (please look for No 36 Counter)
Fare: W 15,000 (KR:won), which is almost USD 14
Time required: 80min (traffic jam)
1. From airport to hotel:
Incheon Airport (11B) - Misung Apartment - Galleria Department store - Chungdam station -     Hotel Prima.
2. From hotel to airport:
Hotel Prima - Riviera Hotel - Chungdam station - Gangnam-gu office - Hakdong Crossroads - Galleria Department store - Apgujeong station - Misung apartment - Incheon airport (5A).
Operation time:
First bus: Hotel Prima 3pm
              Incheon Airport 5:45am
Last bus: Hotel Prima 9pm
              Incheon Airport 10:45
Operation of cars time: 15 min
Bus stop:
Hotel Prima: Main Entrance
Incheon Airport: Arrival: 11(B)
                       Departure: 5(A)
Other transportation: Taxi
Time required: 70min
Fare: almost 100,000 (KR:Won), which is almost USD 100