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  Vaals  2005  Satellite
01.09.2005 -  04.09.2005

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General Info General Info
Promoter National Federation

Mr. Jacques Kloppert
Wolfskuilenweg 42
6291 EE Vaals

Tel: + 31 6 1227 7497


Volleyball Federation of The Netherlands
Mr. Dick Duurkoop
Postbus 70
NL - 3440 AB Woerden

Tel: +31 348 411994
Fax: +31 348 420809

Event Office Venue

Gemeentehuis (City Hall)
Von Clermontplein 15
6291 AT Vaals
From Tuesday August 30th

Tel: + 31 43 306 8581
Fax: + 31 43 306 8549

Von Clermontplein (City Centre of Vaals)

Prize Money & Wolrd Ranking Points Welcome Transportation & Hotel

US$ 10,000.- prize money to be paid by the organizer to main draw teams as per the following breakdown & upon conclusion of the event:

Rank           Total/team
1st                   2,000
2nd                  1,500
3rd                   1,200
2 x 5th                
2 x 7th                500
4 x 9th                350
4 x 13th              200

Prize money to be paid to the players immediately following the match in cash (20 % tax deduction).

k        Individual points                       
1st                      10           
2nd                      9            
3rd                       8            
2 x 5th                  6
2 x 7th                  5
4 x 9th                 
4 x 13th                3


Players are responsible for their own international and domestic airfare and for any airport taxes or visa expenses. Players are requested to apply early enough for their entry visas, whenever needed.

The organiser will arrange and be responsible for all local transportation for all main draw participants, officials and referees, including transportation between the nearest international airport Maastricht–Aachen Airport (connecting flights with Schiphol Amsterdam Airport) and the site.

The promoter will cover the board & lodging costs of all the national teams taking part in the main draw.

Players are however personally responsible for all and any extras at the hotel such as minibar, phone calls, laundry, etc that must be paid at checkout.

Main hotel:
Hotel Kasteel Bloemendal
Bloemendalstraat 150
NL – 6291 CM Vaals

Tel: +31 43 365 9800
Fax: +31 43 306 6612

Recommended hotel:

Competition Format & Event Schedule

Country quota playoff: to determine the teams advancing to the qualification tournament.

Qualification Tournament: single-elimination to qualify 3 or 4 teams

Main Draw: double-elimination of 16 teams

Wednesday August 31st

Arrival of Qualification Tournament teams

19h30  Preliminary Inquiry (mandatory attendance) at the Event Office (City Hall) for Qualification Tournament teams

20h30  Technical Meeting (mandatory attendance) at the Event Office (City Hall) for Qualification Tournament teams


Thursday September 1st

Qualification Tournament

Arrival of Main Draw teams

19h30  Preliminary Inquiry (mandatory attendance) at the Event Office (City Hall) for Main Draw teams

20h30  Technical Meeting (mandatory attendance) at the Event Office (City Hall) for Main Draw teams


Friday September 2nd

Main Draw

Departure of players not qualified for the Main Draw


Saturday September 3rd      

Main Draw


Sunday September 4th          

1/4 Finals, ˝ Finals & Finals


Monday  September 5th      

Departure of Main Draw teams

Training courts available from Wednesday: (2 courts)

Total # of competition courts: 1
Total # of warm-up courts: 1