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  Palinuro  2005  Satellite
29.07.2005 -  31.07.2005

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Palinuro - Natural Arc, Palinuro

Palinuro makes part of the Common of Centola. It’s one of those many cases in which the fraction, for one some special reason, assumes one advanced importance to the main communal city. In this case the reason is most special, in how much the wild beauty of the territory of “Capo Palinuro” does not have par and the history and the legends that flutter to you contribute to perpetuate the fascination of these places.

Palinuro is not alone sea; the sour and strong character of the coast is characterized from the Mediterranean spot, than between bushes of mirto, ginestre and erica, numbers also a true rarity, the famous "Primula Palinuri" originates them flower that grows alone in this zone.

Today Palinuro is a centre that lives essentially on the tourism, supported from a mild climate that allow to have use of the sea for ten months to the year and a splendid nature where many structures receive the visitors with hotel accommodation,  camps and, from little, with the new formula of the farm holidays, that it allows to fully know the hospitality of “cilentana” people, and to taste in the production zone natural oil, wine and products that are to the base of greeting Mediterranean diet.

In the splendid scene of Palinuro the caves could not lack, that seen when the sun from the maximum of its light offers one fantastic show of lights and colours.  All the caves have crystalline waters and it possible to make spectacular immersions.