Women's Olympic Games, Athens GREECE
From 14 August To 24 August 2004

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Photo gallery

Nicole Sanderson and natalie Cook (AUS)

Nicole Sanderson (AUS) serves

Natalie Cook (AUS) spikes

Natalie Cook (AUS) medical time out

Natalie Cook (AUS)

Holly Mc Peak (USA) digs

Holly mc Peak (USA) digs

Elaine Youngs (USA) receives

Holly Mc Peak (USA) digs

Elaine Youngs (USA) celebrates

Holly Mc Peak and Elaine Youngs (USA) celebrate

Elaine Youngs (USA)

Many photographers for the final

Elaine Youngs (USA)with fans

Elaine Youngs and Holly Mc Peak(USA)Bronze medal

Adriana Behar (BRA) spikes against Kerri Walsh's (USA) blocks

Kerri Walsh (USA) attacks

Shelda Bede and Adriana Behar (BRA) silver medal

Many photographer for the final

Misty May (USA) receives

Shelda Bede (BRA) digs