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  Kiev  2006  Challenger
28.07.2006 -  30.07.2006

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General Info
Title of the event

"Ukrainian Challenger Ukrzernoprom - 2006"

Promoter National Federation
Name: Mr. Anton Shyshkin
Contact person: Mr. Anton Shyshkin
Address: 25, Frunze Str., 04080 Kyiv,Ukraine
Tel:         (380 44) 467-52-52
Mobile:   (38 044) 209-50-59 
Fax:        (380 44) 462-55-83
Press Director: Tatyana Tymoshyna  
President: Volodimyr Turovsky
Contact person (if different from the President of the National Federation): 
    Ivan Tyshchenko, the Vice-President
Address: 13, Tryokhsvyatitelska Str., Office 5
Telephone and Fax numbers:
Tel/fax.: (380 44) 278-54-28, 
          (380 44)  279- 52-26

Airport :Kyiv, Airport " Boryspil"    
Players, fling by air, should go from the Boryspil international airport 
by bus to the South Terminal of "Kiev- Pasazhyrskiy" Railway Station
and then by underground subway to "Vokzalnaya" metro station. 
From "Vokzalnaya" metro station players should go to 
"Levobereznaya" metro station (Hotel "Tourist"). 
Players, using railway, should go by metro from "Vokzalnaya" metro station to 
the "Levobereznaya " metro station (hotel "Tourist")
Host Broadcaster Sponsors
Name :Saveliy Sergiy, 1 National Channel  
Contact Person: Tymoshyna Tetyana
Address:  42, Mel'nikova str. 
Telephone: (38 044) 484-34-76
Fax:            (38 044) 484-23-25
Name: Mr. Anton Shyshkin
Contact Person: Mr. Anton Shyshkin
Address: 25, Frunze Str., 04080 Kyiv,Ukraine
Telephone: (380 44) 467-52-52
Fax:            (380 44) 462-55-83
Event Office Venue
From what date: 15.05.2006
Address: Office 5, Tryokhsvyatitelska Str, 13,  
                01001 Kyiv, Ukraine 
Tel:  (380 44) 279-52-26
Promoterís mobile:  (38 044) 209-50-59
Administrative Directorís mobile:(38 067) 972-59-11
Mobile of any other persons of the organization 
dealing with players, officials, etc : 
Tel: (38 067) 760-55-11
Fax: (38 044) 278-54-28 
Address: "Gidropark", "Dovbychka-2" beach, 
"Oasis", metro station "Gidropark", Kyiv, Ukraine





Main Draw teams hotel Qualification Teams Hotel
Name: "Tourist"
2, Okipnoyi R. Str, Kyiv
Tel:  (380 44) 517-88-32, (380 44) 516-22-45
Fax:  (380 44) 517- 62-43
The expenses for the Main draw accommodation will be sustained by
the promoter
Special fares which can be applied to the FIVB Family members, 
media representatives, sponsors, etc:
double room- 60-70Є, single room- 50-60Є
"Bratislava", 1 Malyshko A. Str. Kyiv
Tel:  (380 44) 537-39-82
Fax:  (380 44) 559-75-70
Category: 3 Stars
Price: single room-70-100Є, 
           double room 40-70Є

Hotel Kozatskiy,
1/3 Mykhaylivs'ka Str.  Kyiv

Tel:   (380 44) 279-49-25
Fax:  (380 44) 279-27-09
Category: 2 Stars
Price:       double room - 55Є
Hotel "Mir", 70,
40letiya Okt'abr'a Str
Tel:  (380 44) 239-89-95
Fax:  (380 44) 524-96-51
Category: 3 Stars
Price: double room- 70Є

Event Schedule

26th of July        Arrival of the invited teams
13:00 Meeting for Country Quota Play-Off teams (if any)
14:00 Country Quota Play-Off matches (if any)
20:00 Preliminary Inquiry (mandatory attendance)
          at (Main draw Hotel) for the Qualification  Tournament teams
21:00 Technical Meeting (mandatory attendance)
          at (Main Draw Hotel) for the Qualification  Tournament teams
27th of July
Qualification Tournament
Arrival of Main Draw teams
20:00 Preliminary Inquiry  (mandatory attendance)
      at (Main Draw Hotel) for the Main Draw teams 
21:00 Technical Meeting (mandatory attendance)
      at (Main Draw) for the Main Draw teams 
      (mandatory attendance)
28th of July Main Draw (number of matches)  32
29th of July Main Draw (number of matches) 22
30th of July Main Draw (number of matches) and Semi-finals  6
Finals 2
31st  of July      Departure of the persons concerned
Training courts available since (date): 25.07.06
Total # of competition courts: 4
Total # of warm-up courts: 2
Prize Money and World Ranking Points Tournament Side Events

USD 30,000

Rank Prize Money Individual Points
1st USD 4800 This information will be updated shortly
2nd USD 3800  
3rd USD 2400  
4th USD 1800  
5th (2x) USD 1500  
7th (2x) USD 1200  
9th (4x) USD 900  
13th (4x) USD 675  
17th (4x) USD 450  
25th (8x) USD 300  

 "Gidropark", "Dovbychka-2" beach, "Oasis", metro station "Gidropark", Kyiv, Ukraine

Ticketing Hospitality Package
No ticketing, free access    
Kid Camp Tentative TV Programming
Weather Conditions (based on last years' data for the same period) Min. temp. + 20            Max. temp. + 33
Humidity: 60-70%         Rain(mm):80 
Wind:  temperate          GMT: -2
Currency Hryvn'a, 1Є=6.15 hrvn.
Tourist Office Website Tourist Office "Hamalia":
Other recommended Hotels in the Area  
Popular Attraction

Kyiv , the capital of Ukraine, has a population of nearly 3 million inhabitants . One of the oldest Slavonic cities Kyiv has been  standing high over the picturesque banks of the broad Dnipro River for more than fifteen centuries.
Kyiv has much to offer in the cultural and architectural arenas with its wide tree-lined boulevards and historical buildings reflecting various styles and periods of the ancient Kyivan-Rus Empire.

Kyiv is a major industrial center that includes companies specializing in electronics, engineering, aviation, food and chemical production, etc. Kyiv's economic development has been enriched by its advantageous location along the Dnipro River, which links Kyiv to the Black Sea. Today Kyiv is one of the greatest ancient  European cities, rich with the monuments of art and architecture. The city has many theatres including The Dramatic Theatre, The Theatre of Opera and Ballet, many museums such as  Museum of Western Art  and other places to visit. There are also many hotels, cafes and restaurants with Ukrainian, European, American and Eastern cuisine to accommodate tourists and business persons.

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