Women's Challenger Event 2004

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Photo gallery

National athems for Holland

The podium of this first feminin edition

Prices are handed out by the main sponsor: Coop

And here are the winners: Keizer-Mooren NED

Flowers from Rivella

Second: Wiig-Josefsen NOR

Montagnolliy-Swoboda AUT get flowers from Mr. Seppey, FIVB representative

The happy third: Montagnolli-Swoboda AUT

The ceremony gets ready...

After the final, Martin Laciga SUI gives us his impressions before leaving for Athens 2004

Congratulations between the four finalists

Keizer-Mooren's joy for their victory

Wiig-Josefsen are happy for winning this hard thought ball

Reception by Keizer NED

Small ball passes Josefsen NOR

Wiig NOR has problems with Keiser's ball

This annouces a high altitude battle

Josefsen's defense on Mooren's attack

Attack impulsion for Mooren NED

Josefsen NOR passes by Mooren's block

Mooren attacking vs Wiig NOR

Amazing hitting height for Mooren NED

No block tactic on this play for Keizer-Mooren NED

Josefsen's attack NOR against Mooren NED

Josefsen NOR in reception during the final

Montagnolli-Swoboda AUT show their joy after this weel deserved 3rd rank

Reception by Swoboda AUT on Montagnolli AUT

Attack by Skrivan SUI vs Swoboda AUT. Montagnolli runs to the left side court

Attack by Forrer SUI vs Swoboda AUT

A large croud came to encourage the women's final

Serve by Swoboda vs. Forrer-Skrivan SUI

Skrivan SUI attacking

Skrivan SUI in reception for Forrer SUI

Skrivan SUI against Swoboda AUT

Tight defense for Montagnolli-Swoboda AUT in the 3rd place final

Cathering at the International beach volley tournament - Lausanne

Montagnolli AUT prepares for the pass to Swoboda AUT

Accrobatic figure by Keizer NED passing over Swoboda AUT

Swoboda AUT passes by Mooren NED

Mooren attacking on Keizer's pass. Swobody get's back for the defense

Mooren's impulsion on Morren's shouts to encourage

Keizer-Morren NED also resting

Montagnolli-Swoboda AUT resting

Keizer NED attacks on Swoboda AUT

Keizer-Mooren NED attacking against Montagnolliy-Swoboda AUT

Keizer-Mooren NED in reception

Forrer-Skrivan SUI congratulate Wiig-Josefsen NOR for their victory in this semi-final

Wiig and Josefsen's joy after their victory in the semi-final

Skrivan SUI tries to pass by Josefsen's block

Serve-recieve by Skrivan SUI

Josefsen NOR is next to her partner Wiig NOR after Skrivan's block

Skrivan SUI is over Wiig's block

Wiig NOR gets passed by the ball

Amazing smash by Skrivan SUI in front of Wiig NOR

Forrer SUI in defense

Keizer-Mooren NED attacking

Forrer-Skrivan SUI resting

Wiig NOR attacking vs. Skrivan SUI

Chiavaro-Malerba ITA serving

Schwaiger-Schwaiger AUT in defense

Reception by Forrer-Skrivan SUI