Women's Challenger Event 2004

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Promoter & National Volleyball Federation

Corso Garibaldi 86
20121 Milano
+39 02.6282.8637
Fax: +39 02.2900.5195
Contact persons:
Roberto Salvador :
Sara Seravalli:

National Volleyball Federation:
Italian Volleyball Federation
Via Vitorchiano, 107-109
00189 Rome
Tel: +39 (06) 3685 9472
Fax: +39 (06) 3685 9475
contact: Laura Gerola
Event Office Venue

Corso Garibaldi 86
20121 Milano

Tel: +39 02.6282.8637
Fax: +39 02.2900.5195

Contact persons:

Salvador :

Sara Seravalli:


Cagliari, Poetto Beach

6th stop (sexta fermata)



Recommended Hotels for Athletes Prize Money & World Ranking

Hotel Setar ***
Via Leonardo da Vinci 1
Quartu Sant’Elena
Tel: +39 070 86021
Fax: +39 070 8602510


Hotel Califfo ****
Via Leonardo da Vinci n.118 Loc. Foxi
09045 Quartu S.Elena CA
Tel. 070 8901785 
Fax 070 890134

Players are responsible for their hotel accommodations.

Players are personally responsible for all and any extras at the hotel such as mini bar, phone calls, laundry, etc that must be paid at checkout.


US$ 35'000- Prize money to be paid by the organiser to main draw teams as per the following breakdown & upon conclusion of the event:

Rank                        Total/team                                                      1st                                5’100                                                     
2nd                               4’100                                                     
3rd                                3’300                                                     
4th                                2,500
2 x 5th                          
2 x7th                            1,500                                                     
4 x 9th                           1’200                                                     
4 x 13th                            900                                                      8 x 17th 

Rank                         Individual points
1st                                     35                                                
2nd                                    27                                            
3rd                                     24                                    
4th                                     21                                            
2 x 5th                               18                                               
2 x 7th                               15                                                    
4 x 9th                               12                                             
4 x 13th                               9                                                 
8 x 17th                               6                    

*No points toward the 2004 Olympic Qualification season will be attributed.


Competition Schedule & Format

Qualification Tournament: Friday July 23rd starting at 9h00

Main Draw & Finals: Saturday July 24th starting at 8h30

Sunday July 25th starting at 9h00

Semi finals: 14h00 (tentative)

Finals: 16h00 (tentative)         

Country quota playoff: to determine the teams advancing to the qualification tournament.

Qualification Tournament: single elimination to qualify 8 teams

Main Draw: double elimination of 24 teams total, of which 8 will come from the qualification

Friday July 23rd

20h3        Preliminary Inquiry  (mandatory attendance) at the venue for Main Draw teams

21h0        Technical Meeting (mandatory attendance) at the venue for Main Draw teams

Followed by a welcome party at the venue

Saturday July 24th

8h30            Main Draw Tournament

Sunday July 25th

14h00          Semi-finals & Finals

18h00          Departure 

Training courts available from Thursday July 22nd

The FIVB and the promoter reserve the right to slightly modify the above schedule should they deem it necessary
Preliminary Inquiry / Technical Meetings & Uniforms

Players must attend the Preliminary Inquiry and present their uniforms and official forms (players' commitment, health certificate, Prize Money) at this time.

Players must also attend the Technical Meeting. Draws will be made during the meeting; seeding and detailed information on the competition will be distributed to players during the meeting.

Uniforms will be checked during the Preliminary Inquiry. Players of the same team must wear the same color and style of shorts. The display of players' sponsors’ logos on shorts and accessories is free as long as it complies with FIVB advertising regulations.

Organisers will provide playing tops for the Main Draw matches only.

International & local transportation

Players are responsible for their own international and domestic airfare and for any airport taxes or visa expenses. Players are requested to apply early enough for their entry visas, whenever needed.

The organiser will arrange and be responsible for local transportation for those main draw participants who will stay at the Setar Hotel or at the Hotel Califfo, Officials and referees, including transportation between the Cagliari international airport and the site, and between the official hotel(s) (Califfo and Setar) and the venue.


It is mandatory that all athletes have their own liability and medical insurance. The FIVB will not be held responsible for any medical expenses incurred while competing in a tournament.